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The Captain’s rudderless ship
LeeTowers43 commented an article

I have to agree with the above, the title reads like the Penske empire is about the crumble. Keselowski is locked into the chase now, Power leads the IndyCar standings and Castroneves is 3rd, still in with a shout of the title - and he won in Edmonton the other week.
Next year Penske will still have two sprint cup cars backed by two huge cooperation's (whoever is in the #22 will probably be further up the points then AJ was too) and will still be right at the front of Indycar, guaranteed.
Recent events may not have been ideal for Penske, but he still deserves the up-most respect for his achievements in motor racing, which are un-equalled. It will take more than an idiotic night out by his son and some poor decision by one of his drivers to render his organization " a rudderless ship"

11/08/2012 12:36

doug251 11/08/2012 02:59
First of all, Roger doesn't "have" to deal with trouble that his 30 something sons got themselves into. I like how this article suggests that Roger Penske, a man who is well respected in the many aspects of his personal and professional life, will bribe his kids out of trouble. Also "...stabilize his lead Sprint Car team..."? His lead team is Keselowski's #2 Miller Light car which is like 7th in points and assuredly Chase-bound. The 22 team was a flop this year, so AJ's departure, while distracting, is not some disaster that de-railed a championship season. The title suggests Roger Penske's lost control of his empire...no, his son was a drunken idiot one night and may have lost control of his own tiny empire, but Roger is quite OK. Misleading title, poorly researched article.
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Greeneflag 11/08/2012 02:28
Ditto on the 2 commentors above. What sensationalist drivel this article is! Anne, you should write for something more your speed; like something Teen or Cosmo, or some English rag.
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02/08/2012 02:30

Danica Patrick Crash - NASCAR Indy 250 2012 - Video
LeeTowers43 commented an article

Can people really see her going full time Cup next season??

30/07/2012 09:54

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