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Alex Briggs 15/04/2014 11:46 Alex Briggs
My view 20 min ago. Love it when the plane tracks up the coast line to Brisbane.
Craig Scarborough 15/04/2014 10:13 Craig Scarborough
#F1 Formula 1 teams considering lifting ban on active suspension via @autosport
Matthew Roberts 15/04/2014 10:05 Matthew Roberts
RT @AndrewShim: Can't wait for @OfficialBSB 2014 season to start
Matthew Roberts 15/04/2014 09:52 Matthew Roberts
RT @OntrackOffroad: OK, brand new @OntrackOffroad with some quality Blog writing: @matt77roberts @pulpmx @geebeeimages and more: http://t.c
Alex Briggs 15/04/2014 08:47 Alex Briggs
Good morning Sydney. This is your 6:46am wake up call!
Craig Scarborough 15/04/2014 10:03 Craig Scarborough
RT @eddstrawF1: Red Bull's appeal against Ricciardo's Australian GP exclusion rejected + some analysis of why #f1
Craig Scarborough 15/04/2014 10:01 Craig Scarborough
RT @Jobsinsport: Formula E also require a Marketing Manager to define & apply their objectives & relative brand positioning
Craig Scarborough 15/04/2014 10:00 Craig Scarborough
RT @Current_E: @ScarbsF1 Seen this? "@michelin_sport: Formula E inside with @michelin_sport "
Craig Scarborough 15/04/2014 10:00 Craig Scarborough
RT @Current_E: @ScarbsF1 Even better "@MichelinTyres: Here's a sneak preview of what's under the 'bonnet' of a Formula E race car. http://t…
Alex Briggs 15/04/2014 05:11 Alex Briggs
@Alex__Briggs clue will have 2 wait. Doors closing. See u in Assen.