Contact: SCCA Pro Racing (303) 694-7223 Date: January 11, 1996


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Walker/DynoMax, the performance leader in automotive exhaust systems, has been named the "Official Exhaust System" of the SCCA, SCCA Pro Racing and the Trans-Am Championship.

"We're delighted to have Walker/DynoMax on board with us," said Dan Greenwood, SCCA Pro Racing, Ltd. President. "The SCCA and SCCA Pro Racing are uniquely positioned to offer Walker/DynoMax a marketing partnership with a high profile series such as the Trans-Am and with grass roots programs such as Club Racing and the National Championship Valvoline Runoffs."

"We've been looking to expand our motorsports involvement, and the SCCA and SCCA Pro Racing offers us what we were looking for," said John Brubaker, DynoMax Marketing Manager of Performance Products. "We're excited to be a part of the SCCA motorsports family, and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship."

As the "Official Exhaust System of the Trans-Am Championship," Walker/DynoMax has agreed to post $30,000 in year-end point fund awards that will be distributed to the top eight drivers, including a $10,000 bonus to the 1996 Trans-Am Champion.

The "DynoMax Turn On the Power Award" has been created to honor the Trans-Am driver who drives the best race at each round of the Trans-Am Championship season, regardless of finishing position, and will be determined by members of the media. The winner will receive a $1,000 cash award in a special winner's circle presentation.

"The Trans-Am Championship is delivering the markets we want, and with its new TNN/Speedvision TV package, the Trans-Am's exposure is going to be dramatically enhanced," continued Brubaker. "This is a great opportunity for Walker/DynoMax from a product development standpoint. The Trans-Am is a challenging environment that will provide us with a tremendous test bed that will carry over to our consumer product lines."

With respect to its SCCA grassroots program, Walker/DynoMax will offer the SCCA's 51,000-plus members discounts on the purchase of Walker/DynoMax products through a special membership benefits package. SCCA Club racers will also benefit, as Walker/DynoMax will post a $10,000 points fund for two Valvoline Runoffs classes (A Sedan and Touring 1).

Walker/DynoMax will provide a product display and service trailer at select Trans-Am races and at the Valvoline Runoffs and will author a periodic technical tips column in SportsCar, the SCCA's monthly magazine.

"The demographic profile of the SCCA membership is very impressive and we're delighted to be associated with them," added Brubaker. "SCCA Club Racing is what this sport should be about, the racers are in it because they love the sport, enjoy the competition and are striving to be the best. That's what we're all about, too."

Walker Manufacturing Company, headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois is a subsidiary of Tenneco Automotive, Inc.