Paul Gentilozzi Retires and Sells Equipment October 4, 1998 - Houston, Texas Mike Stucker - Motorsport News International

Paul Gentilozzi retired as a driver Saturday after the final NTB Trans-Am race of the season in Houston, Texas, in which he finished third. He had clinched the 1998 Trans-Am driving title at the previous race. His Corvette racer has been sold to SCCA amateur racer Dick Greer. The damage sustained at Houston (hood, radiator, power steering) will be repaired and new engine installed and then the car will be sent off to the SCCA Valvoline Run-Offs at Mid-Ohio where Greer will drive the car in the GT1 class. Gentilozzi may accompany the car for moral support.

Paul said he may field a Trans-Am team next season. He wants to see what the schedule for 1999 looks like and if the SCCA "comes up with a marketable schedule" he'll sit down with his sponsor Autolink and see if they're still interested.

However, he stated that he would not field a Corvette next season. "The sanctioning body has made it obvious that it thinks the Corvette is faster than it is, so I'll come back in what everybody else runs. If they want it to be boring, we'll do it boring." Gentilozzi noted that in two years Tommy Kendall won 20 races and they never took an inch of wing off his spoiler or added a pound of weight to his Mustang, yet when he won one race, they added 50 pounds. Later in the season more weight was added to the Corvette by the SCCA and then some of the spoiler height was removed. Paul felt the Corvette was new and interesting and had brought more fans to the series, but that the SCCA didn't understand the aerodynamics, so they penalized the car.