Des Moines GP SCCA Pro Racing Trans-AM Results

1. Dorsey Schroeder Raybestos / Gloy Mustang 2. Scott Pruett Royal Oak / McCall Camaro 3. Ron Fellows AER Mfg. / Gloy Mustang 4. Bobby Archer Highway Master / Archer Mustang 5. Tom Kendall All Sports / Roush Mustang 6. Paul Gentalozzi Rocketsports Camaro 7. Boris Said Eagle 1 / Gloy Mustang - 1 lap 8. Greg Pickett Rain-X & Cytomax Camaro - 1 lap 9. Jim Derhaag Camaro - 1 lap 10. Tim McAdam Rocketsports Camaro - 1 lap 11. Randy Ruhlman Preformed Line Products Daytona - 1 lap

Tom Kendall led from the pole position and easily pulled away. Jack Baldwin held second place until the fitting to the oil pressure gauge broke causing some fire and much smoke. Tommy Archer ran well but was black flagged for slowly emptying his trans-axel in an ever increasing cloud. Greg Pickett moved up through the field in a strong run until his brakes gave way. Jamie Galles started from the back of the grid and moved into 6th before parking on the course in an oily puddle.

Tom Kendall had it won but ran out of gas before making the 2nd to last lap. Dorsey inhereted the lead. Dorsey put pressure on Kendall in the middle of the race, but had gear box problems that he nursed to the end. Schroeder's gearbox blew up on the cool-off lap.

Kendall was clearly faster than everyone else. Dorsey was next, and Pruett, Fellows, Baldwin, and the Archers, and Boris Said easily pulled away from everyone else. Said faded badly at the end.

Happy Motoring! Round 7 in Cleveland on Saturday.

Current Points Standings

1. Scott Pruett 167 2. Ron Fellows 153 3. Tom Kendall 152 4. Paul Gentalozzi 124 5. Dorsey Schroeder 121 (my numbers disagree with race report) 6. Boris Said 109 7. Greg Pickett 99 8. Bobby Archer 97