SCCA Pro Racing Press Release

Dallas, Texas - The Grand Prix of Dallas has been postponed, according to race promoter Motorsports International of Dallas, Inc. (MMI). A schedule conflict and the lack of a title sponsor and other corporate support were the main reasons cited for the postponement.

"When the National Football League released their 1995 schedule, it was very distressing for us to see that the Cowboys would be playing at home on the same day as the Grand Prix of Dallas," commented Race Director Mike Bidwell. As everyone in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area knows, it is difficult to compete with the Cowboys for corporate support and sponsorship."

"We worked with the city and the Mayor's office to propose Labor Day weekend as an alternative," continued Bidwell. "Unfortunately the city was not able to make that happen due to other commitments with Reunion Arena and the adjacent property."

MMI continued to pursue a title sponsor and other corporate involvement in the market. "Even with all the scheduling problems, we thought until last week that we had a title sponsor. At the last moment, the deal fell apart, leaving us no choice but to postpone the event," explained Bidwell.

"Naturally, we're very disappointed with the postponement, but we fully understand the dilemma facing MMI in Dallas," said Dan Greenwood, President of SCCA Pro Racing, INC. "The scheduling conflict with the Cowboys would impact the Grand Prix greatly, and I'm in complete concurrance with Bud Stanner that we don't want to damage the long-term viability of the Grand Prix by conducting a race that doesn't have the necessary corporate support in place."

MMI President Bud Stanner said that his group is still committed to racing in Dallas. "It is our intention to begin focusing on 1996. We set certian quality standards for each event and we would not have reached them this year."

MMI will release the 1996 date for the Grand Prix of Dallas as soon as it becomes available.

MMI also owns and operates the Medic Drug Grand Prix of Cleveland, IndyCar Australia in Surfer's Paradise, the ITT Automotive Detroit Grand Prix and the Grand Prix of Florida in St. Petersburg. Four of MMI's five races include the SCCA Trans-AM series. "Our relationship with Dan Greenwood and the SCCA is as solid a it has ever been," commented Stanner. "We're looking forward to 1996."