December 5, 1997


ENGLEWOOD, Colo.—The vision, mission and direction has been set for the NTB Trans-Am Series, as the Series' Council—consisting of entrants, manufacturers, sponsors and SCCA Pro Racing representatives— has established the Series' guiding principles. SCCA Pro Racing, working in conjunction with the NTB Trans-Am Series' Council, will have the 1998 NTB Trans-Am Series schedule finalized by December 12, 1997. The NTB Trans-Am Series rules and prize money will be finalized by December 16, 1997.

THE NTB TRANS-AM SERIES' COUNCIL VISION, MISSION AND DIRECTION STATEMENT: It is our vision to bring the NTB Trans-Am Series to the top of America's professional road racing pyramid and keep it there through the loyalty of our fans. It is our mission to have all stakeholders—SCCA Pro Racing, sponsors, promoters, manufacturers, teams, drivers and media partners—receive a return on the investment which will warrant their continued involvement.

OUR DIRECTION: The NTB Trans-Am Series will embrace its heritage and clearly define itself as an American muscle car series dedicated to close competition. We will control technology to ensure a fast, hard braking and exciting product is on the race track. But we will also control technology to take advantage of progressive innovations and ideas which could lower the cost of racing. We will simplify the formula to compete in the NTB Trans-Am Series. We will build rules around our core. Teams can expect that the current basic formula used by leading chassis builders will be the foundation and future of our cars. We will, however, disallow any car which does not meet the standards and specifications of our simplified rules. We will not make provisions in the rules under any condition for cars which do not meet the published standard. We will protect the propriety and integrity of the product at all times. The NTB Trans-Am Series will contest a national championship sprint race series. We will seek venues on weekends where we are the lead support race for a highly visible racing series that draws a large fan base. By increasing our visibility and popularity in major markets as a support race, we will be able to headline events in smaller but substantial markets. We will only compete in markets where promoters can demonstrate their ability to run a successful event. The NTB Trans-Am Series recognizes the value of manufacturer involvement and commits its efforts to create an environment in which they will utilize the Series as a sales, marketing and promotional opportunity. Manufacturers will be encouraged to support the Series by offering contingency programs designed to reward all competitors racing its marque.

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