Further to the visit of Mr Jiro Kaji and Toshiyuki Ohya of the GT Association, Promoters of the Japan GT Championship, to the final round of the FIA GT Championship in Zhuhai, followed by a visit of Mr Stephane Ratel of SRO, promoter of the FIA GT Championship, to Tokyo last week, we are pleased to announce the following :

The promoters intend to put a high level of effort into organising co-promoted championship events in 2006.

Despite some differences in the technical regulations, both organisations will work with the FIA towards establishing a balance of performance between the FIA GT1 class and the JAF GT 500 class, as well as FIA GT2 regulations and the JAF GT 300 class for the joint events in the near future

Stephane Ratel explained : "The Japan GT Championship is the most competitive GT series outside of the FIA GT Championship. The new international ambitions of the GT Association match our views of developing the FIA GT as a global series, visiting four continents.

Together with the Japanese cars and teams, we will present an outstanding grid, making us stronger in markets such as America, Australia and South East Asia. For all FIA competitors, racing in Japan with the Japanese teams will bring them the guarantee of a very large public, considerable TV coverage and huge media interest. East will meet west in a true World contest."

Jiro Kaji explained : "Stephane Ratel has succeeded in bringing the event over to China all the way from Europe, and I pay a great respect to SRO and the teams who have made it possible.

While some differences regarding technical regulations exist, I strongly believe it would be a great opportunity and exciting challenge to organise events together. We wish to work towards a collaboration that gives us two-tier benefits, which are; to allow both of us to keep our respective identities, and to impress the whole world together."

For more information on the Japan GT Championship, please visit www.jgtc.net or www.jgtcusa.net For more information on the FIA GT Championship, please visit www.fiagt.com