Michael qualified his Nismo run Skyline in sixth position for the second round of the JGTC to be held at the Fuji Circuit on Friday (a public holiday in Japan). The second round of the 2001 championship will be the first 500 Km race for the series.

The first session was completed in wet conditions and the second in dry, Michael held sixth position in both sessions, but suffered with fading brakes in the second session and missed a spot on the second row by a few tenths.

" Both of the qualifying sessions went well, in the first wet session we did not push to hard as we wanted to work on a wet set up - in case the race is wet. The second dry session we were on course for a second row spot, but some brake fade meant the best we could do was sixth. The Toyota's are very strong here but I think we can pressure them tomorrow " Michael commented from Fuji.

Po      No      Machine Driver  Time
1       6       ESSO Ultraflo SUPRA     J.Wakisaka* / H.Noda          R 1'24.354
2       38      au CERUMO SUPRA H.Takeuchi / Y.Tachikawa*             R 1'24.470
3       30      SOK McLarenGTR          H.Okada / A.Couto*            R 1'24.779
4       36      Castrol TOM'S SUPRA     T.Kurosawa / T.Tsuchiya*        1'25.147
5       12      CALSONIC SKYLINE        S.Motoyama* / N.Hattori         1'25.226
6       22      Xanavi HIROTO GT-R      M.Krumm* / T.Tanaka             1'25.491
7       18      TAKATA DOME NSX         H.Kato / S.Philippe*            1'25.505
8       21      YELLOW CORN McLaren GTR A.Nakaya* / Y.Hitotsuyama       1'25.529
9       39      DENSO SARD SUPRA GT     M.Kageyama / J.Dufour*          1'25.538
10      100     RAYBRIG NSX             A.Iida* / D.Ito                 1'25.625