All Japan GT Championship R2 May4, 1997 Fuji International Speedway Weather: Rainy in the morning, heavy clouds in the afternoon

1 39Masami Kageyama/Tetsuya Tanigawa Toyota Supra 66L 2:09'53.311 2 3Masahiro Hasemi/Tetsuya Tanaka Nissan Skyline GT-R 66L +3.523 3 36Michael Krumm/Pedro de la Rosa Toyota Supra 66L +30.534 4 2Aguri Suzuki/Marco Apicella Nissan Skyline GT-R 66L +32.626 5 12Satoshi Motoyama/Huminori Mizuno Nissan Skyline GT-R 66L +53.852 6 37Masanori Sekiya/Toshio Suzuki Toyota Supra 65L -1 lap 7 10Kaoru Iida/Ralph Firman,Jr. Porsche 911 GT2 65L -1 lap 8 4Tatsuhiko Kaneumi/Mitsutake Koma Porsche 911 GT2 65L -1 lap 9 26Keiichi Suzuki/Morio Nitta Porsche 964 RSR 65L -1 lap GT300 10 19Manabu Orito/Hideo Fukuyama Nissan Sylvia 64L -2 laps GT300 11 7Shinichi Yamaji/H. Matsumoto Mazda RX7 64L -2 laps GT300 12 27Tetsuya Ota/Anders Olofsson Ferrari F355 64L -2 laps GT300 13 51Masamitsu Ishihara/K. Iketani Porsche993 RSR 64L -2 laps GT300 14 71Kaoru Hoshino/Masaki Shirouchi Porsche911 64L -2 laps GT300 15 81Nobuyuki Oyagi/Takayuki KinoshitaNissan Sylvia 63L -3 laps GT300 16910Seiichi Sodeyama/Tomohiko Sunako Porsche993 RSR 63L -3 laps GT300 17 72Norio Makiguchi/Takeshi Asami BMW M3 63L -3 laps GT300 18 21Y. Hitotsuyama/Kenji Yamamoto BMW M3 63L -3 laps GT300 19 55Toshihiro Fukazawa/M. Nagashima Mazda RX7 63L -3 laps GT300 20 38Hironori Takeuchi/K. Kaneishi Toyota Supra 62L -4 laps 21 17Toshihiko Nogami/Tomoyuki Hosono Mazda RX7 62L -4 laps GT300 22 79Masanori Sugiyama/Hiroaki Aoyagi Nissan Sylvia 62L -4 laps GT300 23 91Masahiro Matsunaga/Junko Mihara Toyota MR2 61L -5 laps GT300 24 16Motoshi Sekine/Hiroyuki Iiri BMW 325i 61L -5 laps GT300 25 11Hiromoto Ishimori/Kinji Suzuki Nissan Skyline 60L -6 laps GT300


   70Yoshimi Ishibashi/Nobuo Komiya   Porsche993 RS       57L      -9 laps
   30Yoji Yamada/Kazuo Mogi           Porsche911 GT2      42L     -24 laps
  556Masahiko Kageyama/M. Kondo       Nissan Skyline GT-R 42L     -24 laps
    5Eiichi Tajima/Marc Goossens      Toyota Supra        39L     -27 laps    
   25Takeshi Tsuchiya/M. Nagashima    Toyota MR2          35L     -31 laps
    6Hiroki Kato/Takahiro Fujita      Toyota MR2          30L     -36 laps
   13Mitsuhiro Kinoshita/Y. Kikuchi   Nissan Skyline GT-R 28L     -38 laps
    8Bertrand Gachot/Paul Belmondo    Toyota Supra        23L     -43 laps
   45Takeshi Yuasa/Kiyoaki Hanai      Nissan Sylvia       16L     -50 laps
   20Kenji Takahashi/Hiroaki Suga     Porsche993 RSR      11L     -55 laps
   88Takao Wada/Hisashi Wada          Lamborghini Diablo   5L     -61 laps
   28Masahiro Yamazaki/Masami SugiyamaFerrari F355         4L     -62 laps
  100Kunimitsu Takahashi/Akira Iida   Honda NSX            2L     -64 laps
   18Takuya Kurosawa/Katsumi Yamamoto Honda NSX            1L     -65 laps


75Yuji Tachikawa/T. Takahashi Nissan 300ZX-GTS

Fastest Lap: #36 Krumm 1'31.640(175.600km/h) on Lap 37

Weather is almost always a race deciding factor in Fuji. In the qualifying it looked threatening up above that all the GT500 cars, roughly equivalent of the European GT2s in engine power, sprung out to the track for nice and dry running. The mighty Supras took advantage of the mile long straightaway to take up the first five positions. The best the archrival Nissan could do was the seventh in the hands of Masahiro Hasemi.

Come race day it was soggy, foggy, and cold.

For the first couple of laps the pace car led the pack for the visibility was so bad in dense fog. When the real competition began, the track rapidly started to dry, yet it was still misty out there.

Two of the Supras, #5 and #39, opted for slicks while the Skylines and the other Toyota cars started with wets in a hope that the rain would come back. Unfortunately for them that was not the case.

The two were absolutely flying until Marc Goossens at the wheel of the leading #5 5Zigen Supra took it to the beach on lap 40.

The #39 Yokohama shod Sard Supra inherited the lead and kept others at bay for the rest of the day.