The fifth round of the mighty Japanese GT Championship was completed at the Fuji Circuit this weekend in the full heat of the Asian summer. Michael Krumm and his co-driver Satoshi Motoyama using the 2002 specification Nissan Skyline to good effect finished in second position, in a race that featured several full course yellow safety car periods.

Motoyama qualified the No. 22 Nissan Skyline in a season best third position." Satoshi did a very good job in qualifying; he likes this circuit very much and has always been quick here. We have a good set up for the race, although tyre wear could be a concern if it stays as hot as this" Michael commented Saturday evening.

Satoshi started the car and although he initially dropped to fourth place he soon regained the position and circulated in a strong third position. The first safety car period occurred right as the minimum lap window for driver changes opened up, all the leaders took advantage of this and pitted to change drivers, tyres and take on fuel. Michael rejoined in third position behind two Toyota Supras and leading the no. 1 Supra, which had held the lead before a very slow pit stop.

Michael soon caught and paced the second placed car closely followed by the No.1 Supra. Following another pace car period the No.1 Supra out dragged Michael on straight-line speed and took second position. Michael gave chase but the Supras superior top speed meant he could not re pass the car. During the course of the battle for second the No. 1 Supra and Michael caught and passed the leading car of Wayne Gardner making it a battle for the lead.

"Once we were into first and second positions I pushed fairly hard, but was always conscious of the tyres, which I could feel were going off, then we had another pace car period and I could push again, but the Supra was just to quick on the straights. Winning was of course the aim but it was an impressive debut for the new VQ engine and as development has only just started I am sure that we will see a lot more good results for the rest of the season." Michael commented Sunday