Utica-Rome Speedway updates Pure Stock Rules for 2003 season.

VERNON, NY -- In preparation for the upcoming 2003 race season, Utica-Rome Speedway officials have updated the rules concerning the carburetor portion of the rulebook.

The rule change is as follows: The Holley carburetor, part #4412 is mandatory and must run a maximum spacer adapter of 1 1/16", including gaskets. No modifications of any kind will be allowed to these carburetors except those listed below (box stock only). Conventional round type air cleaners only. Air cleaners that provide ventilation through the top cover (such as the K&N brand) are permitted. No air induction plastic carburetor inserts or other devices to direct air into intake. No air diffusers are allowed. Carburetor modifications allowed are holes drilled in the throttle plates for proper idling, drilling, tapping, and plugging of unused vacuum ports, welding of throttle shaft to linkage arm, drilling of idle of high air correction jets, milling of center carburetor body metering block surface a maximum of .015" on each side, and removal of choke plate and shaft. The jets may be changed as needed. Any other changes to carburetors, such as drilling, smoothing, matching, or milling is NOT ALLOWED. Stock O.E.M. only. Any change not mentioned is illegal.

For a complete set of rules for the Pure Stock division, please log on to the speedway website at www.uticaromespeedway.com. For more information on the upcoming season, please call the office at (315) 822-6336.