Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-07-16

It was a night for new faces Wednesday at the Indianapolis Speedrome with the seventeenth different winner in the Late Model Oval and the ninth new winner on the Figure-8. Mother Nature cooperated with great weather and the racers did the ...

It was a night for new faces Wednesday at the Indianapolis Speedrome with the seventeenth different winner in the Late Model Oval and the ninth new winner on the Figure-8. Mother Nature cooperated with great weather and the racers did the rest.

Speedy Teepe had struggled all season with his Red Line Graphics Late Model but not even a broken clutch could keep him from his career-first victory in the 25-Lap oval feature. Former National Figure-8 champion Rich Fenwick chased Teepe throughout but couldn't get around with Bruce Tunny, Christopher Green and Casey White far behind at the checkers. Bobby Douthitt was quickest in the time trials with points leader R.J. Norton, Jr. tops in the Hutchison Signs Trophy Dash. Teepe, Curtis McMurtrey and Steve Frost claimed heat race wins.

Rich Fenwick came back for revenge on Teepe in the 35-Lap Figure-8 getting around Speedy early and never looking back. Casey White was the closest challenger a turn behind with Jeff Shackelford, Doug Greig, Bruce Tunny and Bobby Douthitt in a tight pack a half lap back. The Late Models get a brief rest before Saturday's 122-Lap Sonny Thompson Memorial Race.

Gregory Jines had missed most of the 2003 season with medical problems that included a broken leg just a few months back. Jines ran off with fast time and the 25-Lap oval main for the Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stocks with points leader Kerry Wright in his backwash. Jimmy Kirby came home third with rookie Dusty Hunt and Greg Snow challenging. Heat wins went to Brian Luttrell and Johnny Hynes.

Harold Workman is part of the heart of the Indianapolis Speedrome. He lives just a few blocks away, rarely misses a race and works overtime when he can to put the racecar together. So when a guy like Harold wins it's a special time for all. Workman took the Sunshine Cafe Roadrunner 20-Lap Main over points leader Robert Buskirk with the two swapping paint for much the race. Barry Coy was third followed by Dusty Sapp and Randy Hutchinson. Workman, Hutchinson and John Collins took the qualifying races.

Michael George has led the Indianapolis Speedrome Hornet car division for the past few week but has been unable to rack up any top finishes until tonight's 20-Lap finale. George piloted a new ride for the win over Rob Hurt, Michael Gross, Jay Chapman and Danny French. Hurt, Dave Gabert and young Tony Roberts were tops in their preliminaries.

FAST QUALIFIER - Bobby Douthitt 13.478
HEAT WINNERS -- Curtis McMurtrey, Steve Frost, Speedy Teepe

1. Speedy Teepe
2. Rich Fenwick
3. Bruce Tunny
4. Christopher Green
5. Casey White
6. Jeff Shackelford
7. Mark Tunny
8. Jeff Hizer
9. Rodney Sizemore
10. R. J. Norton, Jr.
11. Curtis McMurtrey
12. Bill Tunny, Jr.
13. George Sutton
14. Bobby Douthitt
15. Ben Tunny
16. Doug Greig
17. Darrell Doty
18. David Reel

1. Rich Fenwick
2. Casey White
3. Jeff Shackelford
4. Doug Greig
5. Bruce Tunny
6. Bobby Douthitt
7. Jeff Hizer
8. Bill Tunny, Jr.
9. R.J. Norton, Jr.
10. Curtis McMurtrey
11. Mark Tunny
12. Rodney Sizemore
13. George Sutton
14. Christopher Green
15. Ben Tunny
16. David Reel

FAST QUALIFIER - Gregory Jines 14.364
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Brian Luttrell, Johnny Hynes

1. Gregory Jines
2. Kerry Wright
3. Jimmy Kirby
4. Dusty Hunt
5. Greg Snow
6. Don Doty
7. Herb Carson
8. Ed Brickley
9. Brian Cantor
10. Ricky Schaeffer III
11. Brian Luttrell
12. Johnny Hynes
13. Chris Shrum I

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Randy Hutchinson, John Collins, Harold Workman

1. Harold Workman
2. Robert Buskirk
3. Barry Coy
4. Dustin Sapp
5. Randy Hutchinson
6. Michael Carson
7. David Lee Byrd
8. Ricky Martin
9. Bill McClain
10. Scott Tabor
11. Diane Bohnenkamp
12. Danny French
13. Brian Bohnenkamp
14. Shawn Eastridge
15. Larry Thomas
16. Herb Conrad
17. D.J. Rhodes
18. Josh Bare
19. Kevin Smith
20. John Collins

HEAT WINNERS - Dave Gabert, Tony Roberts, Rob Hurt

1. Michael George
2. Rob Hurt
3. Michael Gross
4. Jay Chapman
5. Danny French
6. Tom Courtney
7. Shorty Gross
8. Mike Smith, Jr.
9. Tony Roberts
10. Darrell Keith
11. Dave Gabert
12. Tom Carson
13. Danny Carson
14. David Sims
15. John Davenport
16. Brandon Stofer
17. Barry Allen
18. Stanley Stargell
19. Anna Wessel

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