Indianapolis Speedrome race results 2001-04-14

It was a night for old friends in the winners circle at the Indianapolis Speedrome Saturday, April 14. In the Bryant 76 Racing Fuels Late Models 26-year racing veteran George Sutton paced the field to win the 25-lap oval main. 21-year veteran...

It was a night for old friends in the winners circle at the Indianapolis Speedrome Saturday, April 14. In the Bryant 76 Racing Fuels Late Models 26-year racing veteran George Sutton paced the field to win the 25-lap oval main. 21-year veteran Jack Dossey, Jr., off Bill Tunny, Jr., 1999 champion Bobby Douthitt to win the 35-lap figure-8. Points leader Bruce Tunny was scratched for the night with a broken pinion gear. Dossey also claimed the trophy dash with Douthitt taking fast time. Heat and preliminaries went to Rodney Sizemore, Jeff Hizer, Keith Richee and Fred Bear, Jr.

The Chuck's Race Car Parts Stocks 25-lap feature went to Jack Smith, whose roots at the Speedrome stretch back to the Fifties. Smith held off Greg Jines and Joe Sheedy in the closing laps of a hard-fought race. Third generation racer Jerry Johnson claimed a heat as did Richard Amos, Lonnie Goble, Wes Spilers and Speedy Teepe.

The 20-lap "A" main in the Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners went to 62 year-old Jerry Green who had once retired from racing in 1979. Green began racing before most of the other Roadrunner drivers were born. The flagpole races returned to the Roadrunner menu with wins going to Mike Patterson and Jeff Johnson. Defending champion Rick Howard snagged the Bomber Figure-8 win. <pre> Results 4-14-01

Bryant's 76 Late Models Fast Qualifier - Bobby Douthitt - 13.926

Trophy Dash - Jack Dossey, Jr.

Heats - Rodney Sizemore, Jeff Hizer, Keith Richee

Last Chance Race - Fred Bear, Jr.

25-lap Oval Feature--- 1. George Sutton 2. Doug Greig 3. Rodney Sizemore 4. Bobby Douthitt 5. Jack Dossey, Jr. 6. Jeff Hizer 7. Bill Tunny, Jr. 8. Bobby Whitaker 9. R.J. Norton 10. Curtis McMurtrey 11. Keith Richee 12. Mike St. John 13. Chris Green 14. Fred Bear, Jr. 15. Steve Frost 16. Manny Aguilar 17. Steve Prine

35-lap Figure-8 Feature----- 1. Jack Dossey, Jr. 2. Bobby Douthitt 3. Wayne Arnold 4. Rodney Sizemore 5. George Sutton 6. R.J. Norton 7. Mike St. John 8. Steve Frost 9. Curtis McMurtrey 10. Leonard Basham 11. Doug Greig 12. Chris Green 13. Manny Aguilar 14. Steve Prine 15. Donnie Garrigus, Jr. 16. Bill Tunny, Jr. 17. Bill Ellis 18. Keith Richee 19. Robert Downey, Jr. 20. Jeff Hizer 21. Ronnie Rigdon 22. Bobby Whitaker

Chuck's Race Car Parts Stock Class Fast Qualifier - Joe Sheedy - 14.792

Heats - Jerry Johnson, Richard Amos, Lonnie Goble, Wes Spillers

Last Chance Race - Speedy Teepe

25-Lap Oval Feature--- 1. Jack Smith 2. Greg Jines 3. Joe Sheedy 4. Gary Wray 5. Jack Knight 6. Tim Miller 7. Don Miller 8. Speedy Teepe 9. Rob McAlister, Sr. 10. Fred Baumgardner 11. Walker DeWitt 12. Bill Montag 13. Lonnie Goble 14. Randy Burchfield 15. Ray Furrer, Jr. 16. Donnie Sloan 17. Steve Brown 18. Richard Amos 19. Mark Wiker 20. Dennis Sloan 21. Wesley Spillers 22. Damon Neuhasel 23. Jerry Johnson

Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners Heats - James Curry, James Eads, Jerry Green, Ernest Todd, Sr.

20-Lap "A" Feature--- 1. Jerry Green 2. Barry Tabor 3. Charles Graham 4. Robert Smith 5. Steve Still 6. Ernest Todd, Sr. 7. James Eads 8. Shawn Kloss 9. Davis Lee Byrd 10. Jimmy Hardcastle 11. Jesse Cothron 12. Scott Tabor 13. Bill Fortner 14. Richard Rose 15. Jason McDonough 16. James Huffman 17. Bill Smith 18. James Curry 19. Steve Grubbs 20. Shawn Chancy 21. Rick Gillespie 22. Steve Barton 23. Dale Roys 24. Casey Victery

15-lap "B" Feature--- #1 - Flagpole race 1. Mike Patterson 2. Jeff Gullian 3. James Swatts 4. Shawn Chapman 5. Mark Waugh, Jr. 6. Mark Harrison 7. Brian Canter 8. Tommy Mitchell 9. Jonathan Willis 10. Aaron Bailey 11. Chuck Turpin 12. Shawn Eastridge

15-lap "B" Feature--- #2 1. Jeff Johnson 2. Jeff Smith 3. Barry Coy 4. Harold Workman 5. Glen Murphy 6. Ernest Borden, Jr. 7. Matthew Schultz 8. Charles John 9. Doug Watt 10. Steve Burchfield 11. Todd Amos 12. Johnny Byrd 13. Scott Cothron 14. Joseph Bowles

Bomber Figure-8 10-lap Feature--- 1. Rick Howard 2. Scott Settles 3. Ken Casto 4. Cynthia Sizemore 5. Henry McDougalle 6. Kenny Turnipseed 7. Bruiser French </pre> Open practice and registration continues this Saturday, April 21 with the pit gates opening at 11:00AM. Racing returns for a final Sunday afternoon show before switching over to the regular summer schedule. Gates open Sunday at noon with the first race going green at 2:00PM.


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