Fergus Falls Raceway results 2004-08-20

Cornelius Gets First At Fergus Falls Raceway FERGUS FALLS, MN (August 20, 2004) - Dean Cornelius turned in a dominant run as he won the 40 lap Minnesota Late Model Challenge Series Super Late Model Feature at the Fergus Falls Raceway. Tim Olson...

Cornelius Gets First At Fergus Falls Raceway

FERGUS FALLS, MN (August 20, 2004) - Dean Cornelius turned in a dominant run as he won the 40 lap Minnesota Late Model Challenge Series Super Late Model Feature at the Fergus Falls Raceway. Tim Olson took the lead at the start, but the yellow soon waved as Benny VanCleve came to a halt on the backstretch with a flat tire. On the second attempt to start the race, Andy Hanson spun in the middle of the field, bringing out another yellow. The third time went without a hitch as Shane Rudrud took the lead with Olson right alongside. Olson would make his move and take over on lap two. Fifth starting Cornelius flew to the front as he pulled alongside Olson in the race for the lead. Cornelius would get to the line ahead on lap nine, but Olson continued right next to him and he retook the lead on lap 10. Cornelius stayed put and on lap 16, Cornelius would grab the lead for good. Seventh starting Dan Fredrickson soon moved into second as lapped traffic allowed Cornelius to stretch his lead to a full straightaway. Fredrickson would take a small bite out of Cornelius' huge lead, only to see it expand in the final few laps as the race would run without any further cautions. This played right into Cornelius' pocket as he picked up his first ever win at Fergus Falls Raceway.

Joey Johnson has been fast many times this year and the rookie proved to be the class of the field as he won his second Modified Feature of the season. Starting third, Johnson took the lead from the start as Jason Hintermeister occupied the second spot. Kevin Woeste, who started near the tail of the field, came on strong in the last half of the race. Out front, Johnson had built up a significant lead and looked to be easily on his way to the win. The final few laps posed a challenge as the lapped car of Dave Schafer caused Johnson to slow up a bit. This opened the door for Woeste to make a bid. The final lap saw Woeste pull to Johnson's bumper and then he pulled alongside in the drag race to the finish. Johnson still had just enough speed as he crossed the line a couple of feet ahead to get the win.

It was just like old times in Victory Lane as Scott Brandt was the big winner in the Great North Legends Feature. Polesitter Jon Lewerer and Brandt, who have been longtime Legends competitors, fought it out on the opening lap and it was Brandt who got out in front. Brandt showed the way as Lewerer pulled in behind. Only one caution slowed the race, when Rick Dubay spun in turn four. On the restart, Brandt continued where he left off. Lewerer maintained second, while Tim Brockhouse and Jaycen Brockhouse made it a four car freight train up front. Tim Brockhouse tried several times to get a run off the bottom of the track, but each time he had to slide the car back up the track and that cost him on the final lap, as his son, Jaycen would get by. Brandt was tough to beat as he led every lap, with Lewerer glued to tail as he took home the win. Following the race, Brandt and Lewerer both did doughnuts for the fans.

Cory Eggen was all smiles after winning the Thunder Car Feature. Pat Dillon took the lead right away, but soon had plenty of company. Eggen and Shawn Robinson made it a three-wide race for the lead on the second lap. Robinson and Dillon would then get together on the backstretch, bringing out a caution. On the restart, Eggen assumed the lead as Mark Milbeck and Kurt Kort made up the lead trio. Eggen didn't give any room as he led the remainder of the race and scored the win with Milbeck and Kort right behind.

Since getting his first win, David Bolstad has been the hottest driver in the UCARs as he won his third straight feature. Things got off to a fast and furious start as Polesitter Ryan Sampson got sent for a loop as the field took the green flag. When the race restarted, Bolstad took the lead as Chris Harig, driving Dean Baker's car, moved into the second spot. Bolstad pulled to a big lead right away, but it was soon wiped clean as the yellow waved when Doug Fick lost control and collected Dan Bolstad on the backstretch. David Bolstad took the restart and again pulled to a straightaway lead in the final laps as he flew to yet another win. Josh Whipple made a late race pass to finish second.

Fergus Falls Raceway Results

August 20, 2004

ASA Super Late Models


1. Tim Olson (Hamel) 2. Shane Rudrud (Erhard) 3. Jeff Lofquist (Fergus Falls) 4. Jon Olson (Hamel) 5. Molly Rhoads (Hastings) 6. Rick Harig (Underwood) 7. Bryan Roach (Becker)

Fast Dash

1. Todd Hansen (Minneapolis) 2. Benny VanCleve (Prior Lake) 3. Andy Hanson (Ramsey) 4. Dan Fredrickson (Elko) 5. Jason Rund (Fergus Falls) 6. Dean Cornelius (Bloomington)

Fast Qualifiers

1. Andy Hanson (16.41 sec.) 2. Dan Fredrickson (16.46 sec.) 3. Todd Hanson (16.49 sec.) 4. Dean Cornelius (16.66 sec.) 5. Benny VanCleve (16.72 sec.) 6. Jason Rund (16.98 sec.)

40 Lap Minnesota Late Model Challenge Feature

1. Dean Cornelius 2. Dan Fredrickson 3. Bryan Roach 4. Andy Hanson 5. Tim Olson 6. Benny VanCleve 7. Shane Rudrud 8. Jon Olson 9. Jeff Lofquist 10. Rick Harig 11. Molly Rhoads 12. Todd Hansen-DNF 13. Jason Rund-DNF


First Heat

1. Oren Hoeper (Dalton) 2. Dave Schafer (Glenwood) 3. Joey Johnson (Alexandria) 4. Jason Hintermeister (Garfield) 5. Mike Meagher (Grey Eagle) 6. Jay Karch (Fergus Falls)-DNF

Second Heat

1. Kevin Woeste (Waite Park) 2. Harlan Lysne (Fergus Falls) 3. Jeff Berg (Dalton) 4. Matt Freitag (Wolverton) 5. Duane Werner (Breckenridge)


1. Joey Johnson 2. Kevin Woeste 3. Oren Hoeper 4. Jason Hintermeister 5. Mike Meagher 6. Harlan Lysne 7. Matt Freitag 8. Jeff Berg 9. Dave Schafer 10. Duane Werner 11. Jay Karch-DNF

Great North Legends


1. Zack Davids (Apple Valley) 2. Dirk Henry (Sauk Centre) 3. Rollie Davidson (Burnsville) 4. Dave Ewert (Fergus Falls) 5. Gary Oie (St. Paul) 6. Cam Schafer (Glenwood)

Fast Dash

1. Jon Lewerer (Coon Rapids) 2. Greg Lohrenz (Chanhassen) 3. Tim Brockhouse (Shorewood) 4. Scott Brandt (Olivia) 5. Jaycen Brockhouse (Prior Lake) 6. Rick Dubay (Coon Rapids)

Fast Qualifiers

1. Tim Brockhouse (19.04 sec.) 2. Jaycen Brockhouse (19.13 sec.) 3. Greg Lohrenz (19.19 sec.) 4. Scott Brandt (19.28 sec.) 5. Jon Lewerer (19.30 sec.) 6. Rick Dubay (19.31 sec.)


1. Scott Brandt 2. Jon Lewerer 3. Jaycen Brockhouse 4. Tim Brockhouse 5. Dirk Henry 6. Zack Davids 7. Rollie Davidson 8. Gary Oie 9. Rick Dubay 10. Dave Ewert 11. Cam Schafer 12. Greg Lohrenz-DNF

Thunder Cars


1. Cory Eggen (Fergus Falls) 2. Kurt Kort (Fergus Falls) 3. Shawn Robinson (Fergus Falls) 4. Deon Roth (Fergus Falls) 5. Pat Dillon (Fergus Falls) 6. Tom Weinhandl (Henning) 7. Casey Kurtz (Fergus Falls)-DNF 8. Mark Milbeck (Erhard)-DNS


1. Cory Eggen 2. Mark Milbeck 3. Kurt Kort 4. Deon Roth 5. Tom Weinhandl 6. Pat Dillon-DNF 7. Casey Kurtz-DNF 8. Shawn Robinson-DNF


First Heat

1. David Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 2. Dan Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 3. Ryan Sampson (Fergus Falls) 4. Jay Gronewold (Fergus Falls) 5. Jesse Dreschel (Fergus Falls) 6. Terry Lerum (Fergus Falls)

Second Heat

1. Adam Fronning (Dalton) 2. Doug Fick (Fergus Falls) 3. Chris Harig (Fergus Falls) 4. Josh Whipple (Fergus Falls) 5. Craig Maack (Pelican Rapids) 6. Timothy Johnson (Breckenridge)-DNF


1. David Bolstad 2. Josh Whipple 3. Chris Harig 4. Adam Fronning 5. Jay Gronewold 6. Jesse Dreschel 7. Dan Bolstad 8. Craig Maack 9. Terry Lerum 10. Ryan Sampson-DNF 11. Doug Fick-DNF 12. Timothy Johnson-DNF


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