CAN: CARSTAR test notes OPCS at Sunset

CARSTAR Monte Carlo debuts at Sunset Speedway Strong debut for Ontario Pro Challenge ...

CARSTAR Monte Carlo debuts at Sunset Speedway
Strong debut for Ontario Pro Challenge #23 CARSTAR Monte Carlo

SUNSET SPEEDWAY, ONTARIO - "Finally, I got to drive it!" Ontario Pro Challenge Series CARSTAR Monte Carlo driver Russ Bond said after the first stint in his new charge around Sunset Speedway on April 24.

"The wait was just killing me. The combination of CARSTAR and Dupont gave us a fantastic looking car, that I have looked at for the best part of a week, while waiting to drive it," Bond said. "I had new Impact Racing equipment all ready to go and finally the wait was over. It went better than I thought it would with a new car, and most of the credit for that goes to Mark Jonak, who set the car up - it made my job a lot easier."

The CARSTAR Monte Carlo completed over 100 laps of the speedway without any mechanical problems. "I think this says volumes about these cars," Bond said. "I took it easy the first session, but after that I was wailing on it for all it was worth. These are very reliable cars, but there is a huge strain on the motor. Two words - Mobil 1."

While this was a good debut for the CARSTAR Monte Carlo, crew chief Mark Jonak knows there is much to do before the Ontario Pro Challenge Series season opener on May 15.

"Today was okay for the first day," Jonak said. "Russ and I will have to get on the same page with the setup. I have to know what he likes his car to do, and how to make it do that. On the mechanical side, this car seems very receptive to changes and I think we will try to get two more test days under our belt before we start the season."

Bond's quickest lap of the day was a 15.17-second lap, which is right on pace of the front runners in the Ontario Pro Challenge Series at Sunset. "I was happy with the times, but I know there is more to come, from the car and me."


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