Autodrome Granby Results 1999-09-03

GRANBY, Que., September 3rd, 1999 -- Sorel's Marco Potvin made a strong comeback in the 30 lap feature for the Modified division, last Friday night, to clinch the honors of the 14th annual Molson Canada-USA at Autodrome Granby. For the ...

GRANBY, Que., September 3rd, 1999 -- Sorel's Marco Potvin made a strong comeback in the 30 lap feature for the Modified division, last Friday night, to clinch the honors of the 14th annual Molson Canada-USA at Autodrome Granby. For the Troyer/Transport Dion/Coca-Cola driver, it was his third win of the season and the second one in this annual event. His first win was in 1987. With a solid second place finish, American driver Dave Camara entered the last straightaway to a second consecutive title.

Eleventh at the start, Potvin saw young Mario Clair take the early lead at the drop of the green flag while he was busy to making his way in front. It is on the occasion of the second restart on lap 4 that Potvin gave a nice demonstration of his skill by gaining a few positions to find himself in the second spot. Six laps later, Potvin was able to get by Clair for the lead and win this race in front of Dave Camara and Alain Boisvert.

After an unexpected pit spot while he was in fourth place on lap 4, Camara finally made it through traffic to take the second place. As for Steve Poirier, the most serious challenger to Camara's title, he was not able to do better than a fifth place finish. Camara has now a leading margin of 82 points over Poirier and he only needs to take the green flag in next Friday Season ender Championship to take home the honors for a second season in a row.

As far as Potvin is concerned, it was a perfect night for him since he won the second heat while the others were the affair of Hugues Mercier and Denis Labonte. Potvin now has a one point deficit for the second place and Poirier.

In the feature race, Clement Therrien with a sixth place finish was the best driver was the driver of the small blocks. Therrien was also on the spotlight in the 12-lap race for this catgory by leading every lap. He had the best on veteran driver Luke Plante and Richard Chauvin. For Therrien it was his 8th win of the season, 2 more than Plante.

Involved in an accident with Alain Mathieu's car with three laps to go in the Sportsman feature, Louis Bouthillier and Mathieu were forced to quit the race. This accident had no impact in the standings because it involved the two leading drivers in the race for the title. Bouthillier only has to take the green flag next Friday to earn his first title at Autodrome Granby. Last Friday, Robin David registered his third win of the season. Pierre Raymond and Mario Moreau followed him at the finish line.

Already champion In the Late Model class, Stephane Michaud didn't have his best night. But, a sixth place finish in the 12-lap feature won by Marcel Godbout in front of Daniel Belanger and Daniel Messier, was enough to assure him the crown because he has now a priority of 108 points in front of Daniel Messier.

Once more, with his third win, Paul Lavoie was able to increase his leading margin on Jean Boissonneault who finished third in that feature, just behind Stephane Ruel while in the 4- cylinder division, Yves Beaupre made it in the winner's circle. His victims were Patrick Dupont and Etienne Graveline.

Under green Pour a second year in a row in this annual Molson Canada-USA, Lance Yonge of the Empire Super Sprints took the checkered flag. The beautifull Krissy Dow pleased the crowd with a second place finish after leading till the halfway mark of this 20-lap feature that was run under green. Mike Woodring took the third place.

Next Friday night, at the occasion of the Season ender Championship, there will be a 50-lap feature for the Modified division. Even if Camara is assured of his title, we will be witnesses of a serious challenge for the other spots in the final standings.

RESULT 14th annual Molson Canada-USA (30 laps) 1- 25, Marco Potvin 2-26, Dave Camara 3- 66, Alain Boisvert 4- 7, Denis Labonte 5- 28, Steve Poirier 6- 39, Clement Therrien 7- 22, Mario Clair 8- 44, Gino Clair 9- 3, Claude Brouillard 10- 24, Luke Plante 11- 46, Kayle Robidoux 12- 11, Real Lafrance 13- 13, Richard Chauvin 14- 27, Robert Ranger 15- 71, Pierre Hebert 16- 85, Alain Langlois 17- 14, Roch Poulin 18- 16, Eric Sundborg 19- 24L, Carl Labonte 20- 83, Llyod Sturtevant 21- 9, Yves Dessureault 22- 57, Gerry Patenaude 23- 91, Michel Pelletier 24- 4, Leon Gonyo 25- 50, Hugues Mercier 26- 8, François Becksted 27- 17, Patrick Labonte 28- 72, Mario Lajoie 29- 2, Michel Nadeau 30- 35, Vincent Lamer.

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