KNOXVILLE, IOWA (January 5, 2004) - World Series Sprintcars (WSS) point leader Max Dumesny is the top-ranked driver in Australia thus far in the 2003/2004 season according to the 2004 "Salute to the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic" poll, as selected by the voting panel of the Australian Sprintcar Poll. The native Victorian, who now lives in New South Wales, garnered all thirteen first place votes from the select panel of Australian manufacturers, media members, promoters and sanctioning officials.

Dumesny is the clear favorite entering the January 24-25 The Standard-sponsored Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic (GASC) at the Premier Speedway in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. The GASC is Australia's oldest and most prestigious international sprintcar racing event of their September through April season, comparable in many ways to the mid-August Knoxville Nationals in the United States. Dumesny grew up just miles from the high-banked Warrnambool track, and has won multiple Classics.

Ranked second through fourth in the seasonal voting are fellow World Series Sprintcars touring veterans Brooke Tatnell of New South Wales, American Jason Johnson of Louisiana, and Australian Robbie Farr of New South Wales. Rounding out the top ten drivers at the mid-way point in the Down Under season are defending "Driver of the Year" Daryn Pittman of Oklahoma (USA), Australian Kerry Madsen of New South Wales, American Donny Schatz of North Dakota, Australian Ian Lewis of Victoria, Australian Darren Jensen of Queensland, and American Joey Saldana of Indiana, respectively.

The Australian Sprintcar Poll is an official awards program of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum Foundation of Knoxville, Iowa. The 2003/04 Australian Sprintcar Poll post-season awards will be presented on Friday, August 13, during the Knoxville Nationals.

<pre> "Salute to the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic" 2003/2004 Australian Sprintcar Poll

Rank      Driver (First Place Votes)    State/Country           Points
1.        Max Dumesny (13)              Victoria, AUS           1,200
2.        Brooke Tatnell                New South Wales, AUS      550
3.        Jason Johnson                 Louisiana, USA            430
4.        Robbie Farr                   New South Wales, AUS      249
5.        Daryn Pittman                 Oklahoma, USA             223
6.        Kerry Madsen                  New South Wales, AUS      147
7.        Donny Schatz                  North Dakota, USA         130
8.        Ian Lewis                     Victoria, AUS              92
9.        Darren Jensen                 Queensland, AUS            86
10.       Joey Saldana                  Indiana, USA               85
11.       Stephen Bell                  Victoria, AUS              80
12.       Shane Stewart                 Oklahoma, USA              73
13.       Adam Clarke                   New South Wales, AUS       53
14.       Jamie Maiolo                  Western Australia, AUS     45
15.       Mike Van Bremen               Victoria, AUS              34
16.       Darrell Hodges                Queensland, AUS            33
tie       Andrew Scheuerle              Queensland, AUS            33
18.       Luke Dillon                   South Australia, AUS       32
19.       Matthew Reed                  Victoria, AUS              27
20.       Cameron Gessner               Queensland, AUS            24
21.       Troy Little                   New South Wales, AUS       20
22.       Mark Reuter                   Victoria, AUS              16
23.       Adrian Redpath                Tasmania, AUS              15
24.       Rob Rankin                    Victoria, AUS              13
25.       Jason Dawkins                 Tasmania, AUS               9
tie       Mike Figliomeni               Western Australia, AUS      9

Also receiving multiple votes: Garry Brazier, Ryan Farrell, Steven Graham, Trevor Green, Brent Kaeding, Jeff Leisk, Brett Loadsman, Nathan MacDonald, Phil March, Darren Saillard, Ken Sartori, Tony Smith, John Vogels.