Luck Against The Fly at Speedway City

Ian Lewis was put on the back foot before the event had even started when he was scheduled to be the thirty-first car out of thirty-four to take to the track for a very important time trial session.

With the team expecting a time around the low thirteen-second mark there was a shock of disbelief when the first lap brought up the time of 13.989 seconds. The second of the two laps was two tenths slower again and the team recorded a disappointing twenty-seventh.

"I'm not sure what we have to do but maybe at one round we will be able to be at least one of the first half of the cars out in qualifying," explained 'The Fly' sarcastically.

'The Fly' pushed the Komatsu Used Equipment, Adtrans, Camden Neon Signs, J&J Auto Racing car to finish eighth in his first heat after running a comfortable fourth before being held up which allowed the faster runners behind to pass Lewis like a freight train. The second round of heats were much better for Lewis who held onto a credible fifth on the very slick 400 metre track after running fourth for the most part before Shane Stewart made a move on the final lap.

"Once I got held up in our first heat race there wasn't much I could do as the likes of Stewart and Tatnell got past almost immediately."

With qualifying being so very important in the series there was too much of a deficit in points to make up in the heat races and 'The Fly' was destined for the eight lap C-Main race where the top two would transfer into the B-Main. After starting fifth Lewis battled on up to fourth before the race was declared two laps early due to a caution and time constraints on the speedway.

"It is definitely disappointing but there is only so much you can do on a difficult track. We will just have to look forward to the upcoming rounds and work twice as hard."

Lewis now sits in fifteenth on the World Series Sprintcars point standings as the team head to Murray Bridge's Riverview Speedway for Round 7 and the second night of Jumbuck Speedweek tonight.

Be sure to tune into Channel 9's Speed Machine on January 8 as 'The Fly' explains to viewers the importance of a wicker bill on the main wing of a sprintcar.

Ian Lewis Racing is sponsored by Komatsu Used Equipment, Adtrans Truck Centre, Camden Neon Signs, J&J Auto Racing, Cascade, The Metric Men, Radum and Transport Equipment Hire.