Skagit Speedway Report July 21, 1995 "Flying Without Wings" BRCA/SCRA show By Becky Abbey-Heckt

Friday night the track was tacky and the weather was in the 70's for the first ever Non-wing show in Skagits history. Here's a summary of the BCRA Midgets: Heat 1: John Starks (Quick Time and new track record)-Puyallup, WA, Ray Derby- Antioch, CA, John Callahan-Bristal, WI, Marc DeBeaumont-Clayton, CA, Ken Molica-Soquel, CA, Larry Mahoney-Bellevue, WA, Donny Oliver-Clayton, CA, and Kevin Gains-Campbell, CA. Heat 2: Larry Young-Phoenix, AZ, Floyd Alvis-San Carlos, CA, Burt Foland, Jr.- Mt. View, CA, Pat Bliss-Milwaukee, OR, John Canavan-Cool, CA, Alan Haugh-Santa Clara, CA, Joey Tynan-Sanoma, CA. Dash: Tynan, Starks, Derby, Bliss.

In the main event Starks, who started 8th made it to 3rd in 5 laps. On lap 6 he gets 2nd and on the next lap get first from Callahan. On lap 11 Burt Foland takes a violent flip in turn 3 and ends up in turn 4. The car was pretty much detroyed but Foland is ok relatively speaking. He was checked out at a local hospital much latter that night, and other than bruses and such was ok. He came back to the track on Saturday night to watch from the side lines. When the race was restarted, Starks and Callahan put on a great show batttling for the lead, but at the finish it was the local boy taking home the cash as Sparks gets the win. The rest of the field finished as follows: Callahan, Alvis, DeBeaumont, Young, Molica, Gains, Canavan, Derby, Foland, Mahoney, Tynan, Haugh, Bliss, Oliver.

The SCRA race summary of the heats and dash: Heat 1: Gary A. Howard-Ventura, CA, Rip Williams-Yorba Linda, CA, Ron DiDonato-Riverside, CA, Mike English (Quick Time and New Track Record)-Norwalk, CA, Tryson Cross-Langley, BC, Canada, Otto Jorgenson-Auburn, WA, Geoff Legge_Calgry, Canada. Heat 2 Bobby Michnowicz-Dominguez Hills, CA, Troy Cline-Hawthorne, CA, Alan Munn-Granite Falls, WA, J.J. Yeley-Phoenix, AZ, Bill Beavert-Snohomish, WA, Tom Waggoner-Bellingham, WA, Dennis Stewart-Santee, CA. Heat 3: Lealand McSpadden-Tempe, AZ, Steve Ostling-Lakewood, CA, Rick Ziehl-Las Cruces NM, Cary Faas-Phoenix, AZ, Mike McCreary-Placerville, CA, Butch Gilbert-Bow, WA, Richard Harvey, Jr.-Fresno, CA. Heat 4: Cory Kruseman-Venture, CA, Mike Kirby-Lomiya, CA, Ron Schumna-Tempe, AZ Rick Gaunt-Torrance, CA, Jeff Hartjoy-Enumclaw, WA, Scotty Burner-Mentone, CA, Glenn Carlson- Newark, CA. Passing Masters Dash: Kirby, McSpadden, Williams, Schuman, Cline, Ostling, Munn, English. Consy: Clint Houston-Anacortes, WA, Pat Kuehn-Everett, WA, Todd Von Stroberg-LaConner, WA, Jon Harschbager-Arroyo Grande, CA. Semi-Main: Waggoner, Harvey, Jorgenson, Gilbert, Carlson, Hartjoy, McCreary, Legge, Kuehn, Cross, Houston, Stewart, Burnes, Beavert.

In the main event Lealand McSpadden started on the outside of the front row and jumped out to the early lead and never looked back. Local drave Alan Munn made the home town fans happy by moving up to 4th on lap 8. These cars were running 4 wide at times during this race and that wasn't all the excitement we had. On lap 14 #1car of Rip Williams, caught fire in turn 1. He brought the car to a abrupt stop in turn 2 and I'ev never seen a driver get out of his car so fast in all my life. He was done for the night, but would come back and race the next night. We had another yellow on lap 27 for the #2 car of Bobby Michnowicz, setting up a three lap dash to the finish. While #27 Ron Schuman gave it all he had, it was not meant to be, for Leland Mcspadden finished on top. The rest of the main event finished as follows: Schuman, Kirby, Cline, Munn, Ostling, Kruseman, Jorgenson, Waggoner, Gilbert, Gaunt, Yeley, Fass, English, DiDonato, Howard, Ziehl, Michnoxicz, Williams, and Harvey.

I'll Have Saturday Nights Program on the net latter Sunday evening. Thanks for reading. Becky.