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April 21, 1995

These are the results of SCRA's sixth scheduled event for 1995, run at Watsonville Speedway, at Watsonville (CA) Fairgrounds. Thirty-seven (37) cars qualified for tonight's event. There was only one car that got upside-down during the night's racing - that of Tim Green. Green was slow in getting out of the car, but seemed to be okay.

The race track started out tacky, but by the end of the main event, it was a "dry/slickie". The racers put on a good show for the 2000+ fans in the stands, in spite of the dusty conditions.

Once again, the new Passing Masters Dash format definitely benefited the slower qualifiers as Brent Kaeding won both the Passing Masters Dash and the Main Event. Kaeding qualified 18th quick. The main event and Passing Masters Dash runner-up, Rip Williams, qualified 19th quick. The Passing Masters Dash format has definitely benefited the slower qualifiers, making it an apparent disadvantage to turn a quick time.

Following Kaeding and Williams to Steve Vodden's checked flag was Cory Krusema n, Mike Kirby and Troy Cline. Rounding out the top ten was Darryl Hannestad, Steve Ostling, Jason Statler, Eric Wilkins, and Kevin Pylant.

This was SCRA's first visit to Watsonville Speedway. Tomorrow night, the SCRA sprinters will make an appearance at San Jose Fairgrounds Speedway.


1st HEAT - Tim Green, Ron Shuman, Lee Yetter, Troy Cline, Steve Ostling, Ron DiDonato, Glenn Carson and Gordon Rodgers.

2nd HEAT - Brent Kaeding, Cory Kruseman, Bobby Michnowicz, Rodney Argo, Tom Ball, Bill Andrews, Mike English and Mike Kirby.

3rd HEAT - Rip Williams, Lealand McSpadden, Jason Statler, John Scott, Eric Rossi, Mike McCreary, Jim Turner and J.J. Yeley.

4th HEAT - Jerry Meyer, Jerry Bonnema, Kevin Pylant, Darryl Hannestad, Eric Wilkins, Rickie Gaunt, Richard Harvey, Jr., and Greg Brauer.

PASSING MASTERS DASH - Kaeding, Williams, Shuman, Kruseman, McSpadden, Cline Michnowicz and Hannestad.

CONSY - Glenn Hopper, Scott Nail, Mike Mossi, Dan O'Keefe and Mark Ekberg.

SEMI-MAIN EVENT - Ostling, Wilkins, Kirby, Gaunt, DiDonato, Rodgers, Nail, Ball, Rossi, McCreary, Hopper, Carson, English, Harvey, Jr., Yeley, Brauer, Turner and Andrews.

MAIN EVENT - Kaeding, Williams, Kruseman, Kirby, Cline, Hannestad, Ostling, Statler, Wilkins, Pylant, Gaunt, Argo, Meyer, Yetter, Scott, Michnowicz, Bonnema, Shuman, McSpadden and Green.

TOP 10 DRIVERS POINTS - McSpadden, 322; Williams, 321; Shuman, 301; Yeley, 288; Kirby, 280; Wilkins, 265; Michnowicz, 261; Gaunt, 252; Kruseman, 225; and Cline, 207.

TOP 10 OWNERS POINTS - Chaffin, 322; Gaffney, 321; Schuck, 301; Yeley, 288; Geurin, 280; Bergman, 265; Hasebe, 261; Blair, 252; Willis, 225; and Cline, 197.


Until early Sunday morning, that's it for now. Again, special thanks to Sylvia Watkins (SCRA Points Director) and Lois Ward (SCRA Pit Board Person).

Also, thanks to all who've taken the time to log in. When I get the time, I'll put all of your screen names into an SCRA address roster and send these results directly to you via E-mail.

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