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These are the results of SCRA's last scheduled event at Ventura Raceway for 1994. Thirty-two (32) cars checked in for tonight's event. As has been the case every time SCRA visited Ventura Raceway this year, SCRA's drivers gave the 3,000-plus fans in attendance their money's worth, again, tonight. The well-prepared oval has provided much of the excitement many of us recall from the "olden days" at West Capitol Speedway in Sacramento.

The promoter/announcer Jim Naylor is to be commended for providing one of the most exciting sprint car venues on the West Coast.

The "bad luck bug" finally bit Ron Shuman tonight, as a rod let go in the Anne and Billy Wilkerson Chevy. However, Shuman maintained a slim point lead when Jerry Meyer turned his racer over to Ronnie for the main event. Shuman's bad luck, coupled with Mike Kirby's win and Rip Williams' second place finish has really knotted the points battle. It will all be settled on November 25th and 26th at Imperial Raceway. It will be a finish every true sprint car fan will want to witness; BE THERE!

There were several hard flips tonight, but, fortunately there were no serious injuries. Northern California driver Mark Zieske was transported to a local hospital for a check-up after complaining of dizziness. His vital signs were stable and normal when he left the track, so no serious injuries were anticipated.

Following Kirby and Williams to the checkered flag were Troy Newsome, Gary Howard, and Troy Cline.


TROPHY DASH - Gary Howard, Mike English, Troy Cline, and Ron Shuman.

1st HEAT - Rodney Argo, J.J. Yeley, Rip Williams, Jerry Meyer, Tom Downing, Mark Zieske, Shuman, and Dave Twitchel.

2nd HEAT - Ron Di Donato, Mike Kirby, Jimmy Sills, Cline, Jeff Fiscus, John Scott, Kirk Alexander, and Dale Harwood.

3rd HEAT - Billy Floyd, Howard, Glenn Hopper, Bill Andrews, Ricky Gray, Dennis Stewart, and Troy Newsome.

4th HEAT - Cory Kruseman, Bob Meli, English, Steve Ostling, Mark Sokola, Richard Harvey, Jr., and Scott Burns.

1st SEMI MAIN - Meyer, Harvey, Jr., Andrews, Sokola, Stewart, Alexander, Harwood, Shuman, and Gray.

2nd SEMI MAIN - Newsome, Cline, Ostling, Burns, Scott, Fiscus, Downing, and Twitchel.

MAIN EVENT - Kirby, Williams, Newsome, Howard, Cline, Yeley, Kruseman, Sills, Shuman, Di Donato, Harvey, Jr., Meli, Hopper, Floyd, English, and Argo.

NOTE: Jim Blenkarn and Ricky Gaunt both checked in tonight, but engine problems prevented them from competing in tonight's events.


Okay SCRA Fans, that's it for tonight. If there are any typos, I apologize. It's late and I'm going to bed!

Hope to see all of you at Imperial Raceway for the final two nights of the SCRA season.

Best regards to all,

Firebat aka: Steve Johnson, SCRA Secretary