Ventura-05/06/95 - These are the results of Sprint Car Racing Association's (SCRA) ninth scheduled event for 1995. Thirty-one (31) cars checked in for tonight's event. A crowd of 3,200-plus was on hand on a chilly, Ventura evening.

Visiting the Ventura's Speedway winner's circle, once again, was Arizona ace and current SCRA driving champion, Ron Shuman. It didn't come too easy, as Shuman had to finesse his way past second place finisher, Cory Kruseman, to get to the front. Rounding out the top five finishers was Rip Williams, Steve Ostling and Troy Newsome.

There were several flips during the evening, but no one was injured seriously enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. A flip on the front straight-away by J.J. Yeley dashed the youngster's chances to gain significant points on the top spot in the standings.

Finishing sixth through tenth were Eric Wilkins, Ron DiDonato, Ricky Gray, Verne Sweeney and Bobby Michnowicz. Once again, track promoter, Jim Naylor, provided a great racing surface for the participants.


TOP 10 QUALIFIERS - Ron DiDonato, Cory Kruseman, Rip Williams, Lealand McSpadden, Mike Kirby, Richard Harvey, Jr., Ron Shuman, Bobby Michnowicz, Verne Sweeney and Troy Cline.

1st HEAT - Kirby, Ricky Gray, Sweeney, DiDonato, Mike English, Darren Simas and John Abeytia.

2nd HEAT - John Scott, Cline, Kruseman, Rodney Argo, Harvey, Jr., Scott Burns and Mark Ekberg.

3rd HEAT - Shuman, Troy Newsome, Williams, Wayne Bennett, Lynn Anderson, Steve Rowe and Steve Ostling.

4th HEAT - Eric Wilkins, Michnowicz, Mike Turner, McSpadden, Keith Williamson and J.J. Yeley.

PASSING MASTERS DASH - Cline, Sweeney, Newsome, Michnowicz, Williams, Shuman, Kruseman and Kirby.

"A" SEMI-MAIN EVENT - DiDonato, Harvey, Jr., Argo, Burns, Williamson, Simas, Rowe and Yeley.

"B" SEMI-MAIN EVENT - Ostling, McSpadden, English, Anderson, Ekberg, Bennett and Abeytia.

MAIN EVENT - Shuman, Kruseman, Williams, Ostling, Newsome, Wilkins, DiDonato, Gray, Sweeney, Michnowicz, English, Scott, Argo, Kirby, McSpadden, Cline, Harvey, Jr. and Turner.

TOP 10 DRIVERS POINTS - Williams, 449; Shuman, 444; McSpadden, 384; Wilkins, 374; Kruseman, 369; Kirby, 359; Yeley, 346; Michnowicz, 337; Cline, 295; and Gaunt, 284.

TOP 10 OWNERS POINTS - Gaffney, 449; Schuck, 444; Chaffin, 384; Bergman, 374; Willis, 369; Geurin, 359; Yeley, 346; Hasebe, 337; Cline, 285; and Blair, 284.


That's it, until next week.  Once again, I apologize for being so tardy with
the results.  I slept-in for a change, this week.