By Nancy Schilke -

Around 1:50 pm(PT) the first racer to take the checkered flag in the Baja 2000 was the overall winner and Honda Factory Rider, Johnny Campbell (San Clemente, CA.)

The Class 22 Pro Motorcycle #1x Honda XR650 averaged 55.74 mph. Johnny and his fellow team riders, Tim Staab (San Diego, CA), Jonah Street (Ellensberg, WA), and Steve Hengeveld (Oak Hills, CA) had an unofficial time on course of 30 hours and 58 minutes.

Second across the line in Cabo San Lucas was the #8x Class 22 Pro MC Honday XR650. The team riders were Bruce Ogilvie & Chuck Miller (Fountain Valley, CA), Bob Rutten (Riverside, CA), Gary Jones (Yorba Linda, CA), and Paul Ostbo (Cle Elum, WA), finished with an unofficial on course time of 32 hours and 04 minutes.

Over five hours later, the Car/Truck Overall winner was the Enduro Ford F-150 of Dan Smith and Dave Ashley (both of Riverside, CA.) The #8 Trophy Truck was unofficially on course for 32 hours 15 minutes for an average speed of 53.50 mph.

The closest race of the Baja 2000 will no doubt be Trophy Truck. The ongoing battle between Smith/Ashley and Larry Ragland/Brian Stewart came down to a point approximate half way between Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas (finsih line) when Ragland's luck ran out with a rollover. Ragland managed to squeak out Mark Miller for second place. The #80 Chevy Trailblazer of Ragland (Phoenix, AZ) and Stewart (Long Beach, CA) had an unofficial scoring time of 32 hours and 59 mins.

Miller (Phoenix, AZ) and Ryan Arciero (Laguna Hills, CA) recorded a time of 33 hours and four mins in their #81 Chevy Trailblazer.