SCRA-San Jose-04/22/95 - These are the results of SCRA's seventh scheduled event for 1995, run at San Jose Speedway, on the Santa Clara County (CA) Fairgrounds. Forty-eight (48) cars checked in for tonight's event.

There were several flips during the evening's events, but no one was seriously hurt. Craig Smith was taken to a local hospital for a physician's check-up following a flip in the third heat race, but he didn't appear to be seriously hurt. Rodney Argo, Todd Bammer, and Gordon Rodgers also got upside-down, but, amazingly, none were hurt. Bammer's and Rodger's race cars were severely damaged. Rodgers gave flagstand occupants, Steve Vodden and Steve Johnson a real scare, narrowly missing the starter stand during a nasty flip on the front straight-away.

The race track became dry and dusty as the night's racing progressed. However, the participants found several grooves and provided some wheel-banging, side-by-side action. At evenings end, the participants were still finding the right combination for some passing action on the 3/8 mile oval, much to the delight of the 4,000 fans in attendance.

Second year driver, Cory Kruseman, wheeled the Harlan Willis sprinter into victory lane to score his third lifetime SCRA main event win. Following Kruseman to the finishline was Ron Shuman, Rip Williams, Steve Ostling and Passing Masters Dash winner, Troy Cline.

Rounding out the top ten finishers were J.J. Yeley, Eric Wilkins, Darrell Hannestad, Mike Kirby and Ron DiDonato.


1st HEAT - Ron Shuman, Mike English, Rip Williams, Gordon Rodgers, Bill Andrews, Mike McCreary, Keith Mohler and Scott Nail.

2nd HEAT - Darrell Hannestad, Cory Kruseman, Mike Kirby, Rickie Gaunt, J.J. Yeley, Eric Folger, Bobby Michnowicz and Don O'Keefe.

3rd HEAT - Troy Cline, Ron DiDonato, Steve Ostling, Rick Martin, Jerry Meyer, Rodney Argo, John Scott and Craig Smith.

4th HEAT - Mark Monico, Eric Wilkins, Richard Harvey, Jr., Lealand McSpadden, Tom Ball, Lee Yetter, Troy Newsome and Glenn Carson.

PASSING MASTERS DASH - Cline, Ostling, Kruseman, Shuman, Williams, McSpadden, Wilkins and Kirby.

CONSY - Todd Bammer, Rick Haugh, Aaron Miller, Mike Mossi, Russ Barrett, Greg Brauer, Chris D'Arcy, Glenn Hopper, Mark Ekberg, Johnny Albanese, Dave Thomson, Allen Harney and Kirk Alexander.

SEMI-MAIN EVENT - Yeley, Meyer, Michnowicz, Mohler, Folger, Haugh, Miller, Newsome, McCreary, Yetter, Carson, Andrews, Nail, O'Keefe, Argo, Ball, Scott and Bammer.

MAIN EVENT - Kruseman, Shuman, Williams, Ostling, Cline, Yeley, Wilkins, Hannestad, Kirby, DiDonato, Michnowicz, Meyer, Martin, McSpadden, Monico, English, Mohler, Harvey, Jr., Gaunt and Rodgers.

TOP 10 DRIVERS POINTS - Williams, 383; Shuman, 374; McSpadden, 354; Yeley, 338; Kirby, 324; Wilkins, 319; Kruseman, 299; Michnowicz, 295; Gaunt, 274; and Cline, 265.

TOP 10 CAR OWNERS POINTS - Gaffney, 383; Schuck, 374; Chaffin, 354; Yeley, 338; Geurin, 324; Bergman, 319; Willis, 299; Hasebe, 295; Blain, 274; and Cline, 255.


Okay, SCRA Fans, that's all for now. Take care and don't let the 'bad' guys getcha.

Firebat aka: Steve Johnons, EA