Reigning Champions, Formula D Racer and CORR Driver Head South to Race

Santa Monica, Calif. (November 13, 2007) -- In the largest field ever to run the infamous SCORE Baja 1000, Red Bull athletes will span the field from Trophy Trucks to motorcycles, with defending champions Andy McMillin and Steve Hengeveld, as well as accomplished drifter Rhys Millen, and Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) driver Steve Barlow, on the start line Tuesday, November 13.

These athletes have a combined 35 entries in the Baja 1000, and are humbled and proud to be part of the 40th anniversary. The families of McMillin and Millen have seen at least two generations of racers tackle the Baja. However, all agree that a victory would be the sweetest way to celebrate this monumental year.

"My uncle has won this race five times and my goal is to beat him and win it six. This is a family tradition. We have been doing it for 30 years," explained McMillin, the 2006 Trophy Truck winner and at 19 years old, the youngest-ever driver to win the Baja 1000. "Winning this year is important because of the anniversary and because I want to erase all doubt in my ability to win with my own program, and keep the McMillins on the podium!"

On two wheels, Hengeveld has taken the overall Baja title six times in 12 tries, and is seeking his seventh-career and sixth consecutive overall win this year.

"It would mean a lot to win because it is the 40th year. To win a race that has been going on for that long and is known worldwide would be great. And not to mention this year's race is almost 1,300 miles, which is longer than years past, and makes it even more special," said the Class 22 motorcycle racer.

CORR driver and three-time winner Steve Barlow, competing in the Trophy Truck class, has 13 entries under his belt and reflected fondly: "The first year I ran it was the 20th year of the race and I won, and that was a surprise! Now 20 years later, I run it knowing I am fully capable of winning...however there is a lot of luck involved."

After competing in Formula D and stunt driving for movies like Dukes of Hazzard and Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo Drift, Rhys Millen, driving in the Baja Challenge class still reveres this race. "One thousand miles, one thousand stories and one thousand memories," he said. "To compete in the 40th running of the SCORE Baja 1000 is an honor and a privilege."

The pre-running is finished, the final adjustments made and now it's time to rest and rise to the glowing palette that is the early morning Mexican sky signifying race day is here. An accomplished group of motorsports athletes look forward to the challenge that awaits them. Some are counting on years of experience to help them, others hoping luck is on their side, but all hope to finish - and win - what is considered the most unpredictable and amazing race on this side of the world.