November 21, 2007 The Castrol Team continued their ascent to the top of the off road ranks with a sixth place finish in the Trophy Truck class and a top five finish in the Baja Pro Truck division at the 40th Annual SCORE Baja 1000, which was held November 13-16 in Mexico's Baja California peninsula.

Starting in Ensenada and finishing in Cabo San Lucas the course twisted and turned a full 1,296 miles through the most demanding terrain in Baja. It took the Castrol Team, 29 hours, 16 minutes and 23 seconds, to post its sixth place finish in the sports elite Trophy Truck class. The nearly 1,300 mile course from Ensenada to Cabo was one of the longest in the history of Baja.

"It was incredible," said driver Rick D. Johnson, who drove nearly 700 miles of the course. "Just to finish a race of this caliber is a feat in and of itself."

The Castrol Trophy Truck started towards the back of the field in 32nd position. As always, a tremendous amount of dust and a lack of visibility made it challenging for the Team to work its way to the front of the pack. But, the team was up to the challenge and after passing much of the competition, The Castrol Team ran up front for a majority of the race.

Early into the race the truck caught a berm as it drove through a fast turn causing the truck to roll over. Fortunately, when the truck landed, it was on its wheels and it did not slow down the effort. Continuing through the adversity served as testament to the nature of the SCORE Baja 1000.

According to co-driver, Eric Place, "The truck was pretty much flawless throughout the race. A minor transmission issue sidelined the truck for just enough time to knock us out of battling for the win."

Johnson echoed that sentiment. "The course was extremely demanding as is always the case in Baja. The Team did a great job and the truck was outstanding."

The race was a historic event for several reasons. Outside of marking the 40th anniversary of the legendary race, it also featured the second largest field of starters (424) and the most finishers ever (239). Of the participants, 44 different states and 20 different countries were represented.

"This is the race you prepare for all year," said Place. "Success at the Baja 1000 is paramount. We're going to build on this momentum and contend for the title in 2008."