As announced today (Sunday) on TNN's "Raceday":

The SCCA has announced that it will form a new class next year in World Challenge. This class is tentatively called "Grand Sports". It will be the new top class. All other classes will remain, and all older cars are still eligible in their existing classes. The Grand Sports class has the same rules as the FIA-GT and LeMans sportscar (GT1, GT2). All the FIA-spec GT cars from Europe are eligible (McLaren F1, F40, XJ220, etc.)

The only question is: will anyone come across the pond? They talked with two team managers about it (from BMW USA and Steve Saleen). Both were very happy about the move. BMW seemed very interested in participating. Saleen said he was eager to build a car to compete against the world's best.

-- David Wuerscher