Interwetten Racing Team faces its first S2000 career assignment in the Waldviertel

Franz Wittmann/Bernhard Ettel are enthused after testing: "Each bolt spells best-time"

Last weekend a new "rally life" started for Franz Wittmann. For the Lower Austrian, who has had remarkable success this year with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX in the IRC (sixth place on the Azores, fifth place in Russia), for the first time tested a Peugeot 207 S2000. The young lion comes from the tuning hotbed of German Ronald Leschhorn, who had helped Wittmann's father Franz sr to his twelfth Championship title in 2001. Now ROMO Motorsport shall help the son to make a crucial career jump.

The first testing rounds already showed that the Interwetten Racing driver will cut a fine figure in the S2000, as well. But last year's National Vice- Champion doesn't want expectations to rise too high.

"It was only a short test and it is indeed a big change from Mitsubishi to Peugeot. But the vehicle suits me and the handling is brilliant. It fits my driving style. In a way it is a true rally car. Each bolt tells you that it was created for best-times", explains Franz Wittmann.

The baptism of fire will take place at the Rallye Waldviertel on October 30/31. At the very place where Franz Wittmann and Bernhard Ettel secured the Vice-Championship-title last year in a gripping duel with Kris Rosenberger, the Interwetten Racing Team plans to take it a bit more slowly this year.

Wittmann: "Our goal is simply to gather kilometres. That's what you need with this kind of vehicle. It is comparatively easy to reach 80 percent of what's possible but the remaining 20 percent take time and a lot of patience. I'm not putting myself under pressure for, luckily, the lion does indeed roar deafeningly but doesn't bite. To us, this assignment is a test. Which, on the other hand, doesn't mean that we don't want to be successful."

The Rallye Waldviertel will commence on October 30 at 14:50 in Gars am Kamp. Scheduled are twelve special stages with a length of 175 kilometres. The overall length of the rally measures slim 380 kilometres. The end of the rally is on October 31 at 17:44 on the finish ramp in Horn.

-credit: interwetten-racing