After some concern that the financial crisis might lead to its demise, organisers of Rally Tasmania have confirmed that the event will go ahead from February 13 to 15.

With initial entries lower than previous years, the viability of the event was called into question.

Following the receipt of some additional entries, event director, Les Walkden, has confirmed that his organisation, MSR Corporate, will ensure the event proceeds.

"We remain committed to providing a challenging and enjoyable event for those who have already entered, as well as ensuring the viability of the newly-established Australian Classic Tarmac Rally Championship (ACTC)," Walkden said.

Event manager, Scott Spedding, has been working across the Christmas break to ensure the event, now set for its 29th running, continues.

"While we're thrilled to keep the event happening, the lower entry numbers will mean that we will need to make some alterations to the original course," Spedding said.

"Unfortunately, due to the massive logistics required, the Saturday evening street stage in Burnie will have to be dropped, but hopefully it will be back in 2010, as it was a big hit with fans and competitors last year.

"We are also considering some minor changes to other sections of the course, but we will ensure that the effect on the number of competitive kilometres to be contested is as minimal as possible.

"I'll be able to provide further details in the coming week, but changes are most likely to affect the Friday stages only."

Despite the lower entry numbers, Spedding says a class field contest both the Classic and Modern competition

"Jim Richards, Tony Quinn and Jamie Vandenberg lead a strong Modern competition, while Kevin Weeks, Keith Callinan, Brett Kay, Roger Patterson and Gary Tierney, to name a few, are all set to fight it out in the Classic section," he said.