Australian Rally Championship -----------------------------------------------------------

Possum: "But it's been a great day. The best day's rallying I've had for a long time. We've been able to measure ourselves against the best guys in the world while they've been going for it" But he was not without his problems and almost ran out of fuel!

Possum's aim now is to finish and score maximum Asia Pacific Championship points to get back in contention in that series as point's leader Yoshihiro Kataoka retired during the day. Cody Crocker moved up into 7th in Group N and aims to finish his first event outside of Australia.

Possum Bourne - 6th outright/6th Group A Cody Crocker - 17th outright/7th Group N Simon Evans - 24th outright/3rd Formula 2 Jo Cadman - 35th outright/14th Group N