NATIONAL BELGIAN RALLY : Rally de HANNUT Patrick HAYOT -- Mon March 13 1997


One week after RTS Rally, the National Championship of Belgium is al ready for its second round. The organisators purpose three round of seven stages around Hannut. Not far from Sint-Truiden, Hannut present a similar track. In fact, it's logical to find the same favorits as at RTS Rally. Stacey isn't present, Steveny is a lead ideal. The next week, he has finished at second place but first Belgian and he has a maximum point for the champioship. Second last year, why not winner this one !?

On his way, he would find an hard opposition. In first, Laurent Verhoestraete, champion 96, who's coming with real ambitions. Fourth at Spa, he is in form. In second, Roger Boeren. Winner last year, he is abble to play a remake. Absolut outsider, Kriddel (L) make his come back in a rally abroad. All this peopel run on Ford Escort Cosworth gr. A except Verhoestraete who run always on his Sierra Cosworth. But we allways waitting the performance of Michel Maes and his Cilti's Subaru Impreza. One more ten years, this one was very, very fast with his Citroën Visa. Is he the rally surprise ? This shall be well for the 30th anniversary of this race. In a second plan, Colmant (Mazda 323 GT-R) and Devos are in good condition to be in the top 10. Because one more again, the Mitsubishis are present in force. Out the last week at Sint-Truiden, the official Mitsubishi's driver, Kurt Heckters, must prouve he can be the best in gr. N. Peerenbooms, winner in gr. N at RTS, is his more real challenger. Lowie learn certainly again his japanase car. A lot of Ford Escort Cosworth make opposition and Turrion or Stassart are normaly best currents in this. Then Laruelle has choice making to run with a new Subaru Impreza.

In F2, Dethier (Nissan Sunny Gti), Rene Georges (VW Golf Gti) and Jean-Pierre Mondron (Peugeot 306 S 16 gr. N), are in struggle for the victory. But we don't forget the Citroen Trophe organised by Citroen Belux and included for the 11th in following in this rally. Beco, Gansen (L), Leroy and Lonnay are favorites.


Verhoestraete - x        Ford Sierra Cosworth gr. A
Boeren - x                Ford Escort Cosworth gr. A
Steveny - Bouvier        Ford Escort Cosworth gr. A        
Colmant - Brogniez        Mazda 323 GT-R gr. A        
Devos - Monchy                Toyota Celica gr. A        
Maes - x                Subaru Impreza gr A
Kridel - x                Ford Escort Cosworth gr. A
Heckters - Genten        Mitsubishi Lancer Evo3 gr N
Lowie - x                Mitsubishi Lancer Evo3 gr N
Peerenbooms - Lenaerts        Mitsubishi Lancer Evo3 gr N        
Georges - Dumoulin        VW Golf GTI 16V gr. A        
Dethier - x                Nissan Sunny Gti


Saturday 15 march

Start 1 at 08.19 Start 2 at 13.03 Start 3 at 17.47 Finish at 21.55