Invited by the Ford motor Sport, Mistral Racing's driver Roger Feghali traveled to the UK on November 25th to test drive the Ford Puma 1600.

He was one of the 24 "elite" young drivers from all over the world. They had at their disposal 2 cars, one for the Tarmac circuit and another for the mud. During the 2 days test drive, on the 15 Km tracks, Ford wanted to show how competitive the Puma is in the 1600 cup, and aimed to include Puma as one of the drivers' alternatives for their choice of next year's car.

Roger had his test drives on both tracks on Thursday, and was very impressed by the excellent grip of the car on tarmac due to the superb suspension used and backed by a high horse power engine plus a 6 gears sequential gearbox, and by the car's handling on fast corners on the mud, knowing that it was Feghali's first experience on such terrain.

Observers were overwhelmed by Feghali's handling of the car and appreciated his driving skills.

At the end of the test drive, Ford officials briefed the drivers on the cost and the way to run the car for next year's championship, which consists of 6 events (Monte Carlo, Catalunya, Acropolis, Deutschland, San Remo, Great Britain).

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- duby miller