Reem Samuel - the fighting Israeli rally driver.

Reem Samuel was born in 1964, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Age 21 he found that he got the "youth suger illness" but he decided that against all the limits he will become a rally driver .

Started his career as a rally-cross driver in the Israeli rally-cross championship with a red Talbot Samba Rally, and had some succes with a win in his first season.

In 1992 he decided to do it big way, move to France and start negotiations with the F.F.S.A, the French motorsport governing body, to allow him to get a racing licence and compete in the rally championship.

After long discussions the permition arrived and Reem started to rally. 1994 he won the French Group-N rally championship and in 1997 he won the French Citroen Saxo rally challenge.

He also tried a World Rally Championship, taking part in the Monte-Carlo rally with Group-N Ford Escort Cosworth after that as a profesional rally driver that still rally in the French rally championship, but not regularly, he return to Israel and formed - "Maslulim" (racing circuts - in Hebrew), this is a company that involve with active & performance driving.

Reem also dedicated his life helping kids with the "youth suger illness". Reem is now hoping to go back to a full rally program.

-duby miller