Prize money and bad luck on Sunday for the Interwetten Racing Teams

Franz Wittmann/Josefine Beinke abstain from second turn of Love Cyprus Golden Stage Rally after tyre damage

Brian Bouffier/Xavier Panseri impress once more after yesterday's retirement - with 3rd place at the Love Cyprus Golden Stage Rally

In any case, Franz Wittmann and Josefine Beinke (Peugeot 207 S2000) didn't form a deep friendship with the "FxPro Cyprus Rally" this weekend. Following the bad luck on Friday on SS 5 (broken wheel suspension) and abstaining from starting within SupeRally, the Interwetten Racing Team had focused on the "Love Cyprus Golden Stage Rally" on Sunday, which wasn't part of the Rally Cyprus itself, though. Thereby no less than 150.000 Euro were in the prize money pot (30.000 for the winner alone).

But fate already hit Franz Wittmann on the first turn of the 25 kilometres long special stage which had to be completed twice. Seven kilometres into the SS a problem with the front right wheel occurred. The Lower Austrian managed to repair the damage for the short term and to finish the stage - but in the service one decided in accordance with the team of ROMO Motorsport to leave out the second turn.

"That is a pity since we were on a good way until then. But even after we had provisionally repaired the car on the stage itself it didn't run smoothly anymore. Therefore it would have been pointless to go on and to possibly damage the Peugeot further or to perhaps obstruct other drivers. I obviously had envisioned a different kind of season's finale but I nevertheless once more learned a lot for the future here", explained Franz Wittmann.

Yesterday, the second Interwetten Racing Team with Bryan Bouffier and Co Xavier Panseri also had had to retire following a broken wheel on SS 11. But today had a more than conciliatory season's finale in store for the French Peugeot test driver. He marked third-best time twice at the "Love Cyprus Golden Stage Rally" which logically also spelled third overall place - and a prize money of 10.000 Euro.

-source: interwetten