May 7th and 8th saw the staging of the 1994 Forest Rally in Western Australia, in dusty conditions so bad that even the 1st car on the road was hampered by the dust left hanging in the air after the official course car had been on the special stage some fifteen minutes before hand. The extremely dry and dusty conditions claimed many of the teams. 42 crews form the original 64 starters finished. It made road surfaces particularly harsh with pockets of bull-dust that hung in the air like red talcum powder. Neal Bates and Coral Taylor came to the Forest Rally with their sights on a win. Before the event Bates was speculative, during the event he was optimistic, and at the end - justifiable elated. Not only did Bates and Taylor win the forest Rally but they did it in style and cruised home to an easy 7min 9sec victory.

RESULTS 1994 FOREST RALLY 1 N.Bates/C.Taylor Toyota Celica GT4 2hr16m26 2 M.Guest/D.Green Mitsubishi Lancer RS-E 2.23.25 3 B.Nicoli/D.Hynes Daihatsu Charade GTti 2.29.30 4 J.Marden/R.Rigby Subaru Liberty RS 2.29.34 5 F.Johnson/A.Stafford Mitsubishi Lancer RS-E 2.29.49 6 T.Flood/G.Flood Toyota Celica GT4 2.33.00 7 R.Herridge/J.Carlton Hyundai Lantra 2.37.49 8 J.Dines/P.Helm Mitsubishi Galant VR4 2.38.31 9 D.Sosa/E.D-Maddellena Mitsubishi Galant VR4 2.39.43 10 M.Haybittle/D.Long Mitsubishi Galant VR4 2.41.10

CLASS WINNERS A1 Barham/Gleeson Toyota Corolla 2.42.10 PR1 Buchan/Webber Toyota Corolla 2.43.37 PR2 Herridge/Carlton Hyundai Lantra 2.37.49 PR3 Bates/Taylor Celica GT4 2.16.26 N1 Pinker/Pinker Daihatsu Charade 2.45.59 N3 Nicoli/Hynes Daihatsu Charade 2.29.30 N5 Johnson/Stafford Lancer RS-E 2.29.49

ARC Drivers Championship (Outright) 1 Michael Guest 550 2 Graeme Wise 265 3 David Officer 220 4 Neal Bates 200 5* Ian Douglas 150 5* Steve Ashton 150 7 Bob Nicoli 120 8 Rob Herridge 115 9* Stewart Reid 100 9* Norm Fritter 100 9* Ed Ordynski 100 9* Jim Marden 100