Subaru WRC2000 for Patrick Snijers

Patrick Snijers will make knowledge, this weekend at the time of the Rallye de Wallonie, with his new car, Subaru WRC 2000, whose maintenance is ensured by First Motorsport.

Except the color, it will be quite difficult for the spectators of the Rallye de Wallonie (second round of the Belgian Rally Championship), which will celebrate its 20th edition this weekend, to appreciate the differences between blue Subaru WRC99 drived by Patrick Snijers in Boucles de Spa and the yellow WRC2000 it will have this time. With share, undoubtedly, in the stopwatches!

Outside almost identical (larger air intakes of the cap) to the WRC99, this version appeared in the Worldchampionship 2000 starting from Portugal and known by the name "P2000", but officially referred "S6" at Prodrive, differs from it clearly on the technical level: "Like then announced it the engineers, it was new to 80% compared to the preceding one" explains Willy Collignon. "This car has indeed of the sequential gearbox and the reversed pedals but also the new body (always two doors) on which the distribution of the masses had been re-examined and it lowered centre of gravity, returning Impreza P2000 much more stable and avoiding to him embarking in the large ones through penalizing".

Still let us specify that the vehicle, which arrived this Thursday morning in Belgium, was champion of Ireland 2002 on the hands of Andrew Nesbitt and which, if it is with the specifications "San Remo 2000", it will be in Namur with a Reiger suspension and adjustments obviously adapted to the Belgian ground.