Norway - Arntsen wins again for Opel.

Bruno Arntsen won the Norwegian Rally Championship for F2 cars when he powered his Opel Astra Kit Car to success in the Hedemarken Rally, the sixth and final round of the 2000 series. It was another perfect run for Arntsen, beating his closest F2 rival by over one minute to clinch the champion's crown by a 50 points advantage.

<pre> Norwegian F2 Rally Championship - final after 6 rounds:

1          Bruno Arntsen           Opel          150 points
2          Trond Lyseng            Nissan        100
3          Steinar Dybdal          Honda          97.5
4          Ronny Nordli            Opel           70
5          Birger Gundersen        Seat           69
6          Eivind Steffensen       Opel           63.5

</pre> Rallycross - Schanche punched out of final.

Martin Schanche was punched out of third place in the finals of this year's FIA Rallycross Championship at Buxtehude in Germany at the weekend. Driving the prototype Opel Astra 4x4 Turbo, he qualified well in the heats to claim fourth place on the grid for the main, 'A' final - beating the track record, which he himself had set in previous years.

After a good start, Schanche moved into third place and was set to challenge for the lead when he was hit from behind, causing enough damage to the Opel rear suspension to drop him to fifth for the rest of the race.

With the European series now concluded, Schanche heads home to Norway for an exhibition Hillclimb event at Lillehammar before a winter of preparations for next season's FIA Rallycross series, which he tackles for the third time in the Astra 4x4 Turbo which he designed and built himself.