Round 10 of The European Rally Championships - Campos closes the gap.....

Tire choice makes a difference--.

After three of the final days six stages, in the 38th Rallye Antibes-Azur, Miguel Campos has narrowed the gap to Bruno Thiry to 32.1secs. He chose to drive with slicks, whereas Thiry chose a combination of slicks and intermediates.

On the first stage of the day, the short 7.96km Col de L'Able, they had almost the same times with Campos shading it by 00.5sec. For Stage 2, Col de Turini, Thiry had planned to use his 2 spare tires, intermediates, to drive with 4 intermediates. However the stage was cancelled just before the start because the ice and snow made it too dangerous. For the final stage of the first circuit, Luceram, Thiry reverted to the previous combination and this cost him 16.7secs.

"We made the tire choice because we had planned for the tricky conditions on Turini and this could have given us a useful advantage. When it was cancelled at the last moment we paid the price--but they were right to cancel--it was very dangerous," said Thiry.

The teams have now been told that it has been cancelled for the second circuit so this time Thiry will also be on slicks.

Vaclav Pech remains in third place, now nearly nine and a half minutes behind, with Tim Van Parijs comfortably in fourth.

The teams will reach the podium at 15.45hrs and still the result is undecided.