Miguel Campos, official driver for Peugeot Portugal, as secured his participation at the legendary Monte Carlo Rally integrated in the Bozian Racing Team, at the wheels of a 2003 Peugeot 206 WRC, accompanied by his co- driver Nuno Rodrigues da Silva.

This participation happens shortly after he received the FIA Trophy, regarding his second place at 2003 European Rally Championship.

The Peugeot Portugal Driver is a part of a young promising talents Team, which Peugeot Sport will support in some of the World Championship races, alongside with the drivers official programmes, which will be co-ordinated by Bozian Racing.

Besides Miguel Campos, the French Nicolas Vouilloz and the Swedish Daniel Carlsson, will also benefit from this programme, taking advantage of the machines that belonged to Gronholm, Panizzi, Burns and Rovanpera. The Norwegian driver Henning Solberg, brother of the 2003 World Champion, may also join these three drivers.

The Portuguese Team's presence is possible thanks to the Sponsorship of a Consortium of Portuguese Companies, such as Peugeot Portugal and its Dealerships, Tabaqueira and Starzone, that trusted this Project and want to contribute to the development of Portugal's Sportive image abroad.

After this participation, other Institutions and Companies will surely want to associate their image to the dynamic and professionalism that characterizes this project, securing the Portuguese presence in at least four races of the World Rally Championship.

The 206 WRC trusted to Campos/ Rodrigues da Silva is equipped with an engine belonging to the last 2003 factory specification, but it does not possess neither a wheel based gear box nor front and back electronic differentials.

Miguel Campos, has the opportunity to fulfil one of his dreams, participating at the Monte Carlo Rally on behalf of the Bozian Racing Team which has all the factory support: "Participating at Monte Carlo with a 2003 version of the 206 WRC Peugeot will be a new and definitely important experience to me. We only have two reconnaissance drive by's, which is in fact very little, but we have to commit ourselves and give our best. I count on Nuno Rodrigues da Silva as my co-driver for the next season. His knowledge of the World Rally Championship will surely reveal itself to be an important contribution."

For Miguel Campos, the Rally of Antibes experience, last October, was important: "We caught some areas with ice and snow conditions, which at the Monte Carlo Rally will appear in much larger quantities. We will have to commit ourselves to our best in order to mach the expectations of the people that helped us to this point. It is not everyday that a Portuguese driver has the opportunity to compete in such a race at the wheels of a semi-official machine."