Miguel Campos/Carlos Magalhães lead the European Rallys.
Canary Rally is right now on the 11th and 12th of April.

A driver's quality is more than just his skill of completely controlling his machine to take it to its limits. He must have great determination and self-control to overcome the problems, which are part of his day-to-day life. Miguel Campos has the credit of managing yet another victory last weekend, the most pleasing of his whole career in the 1000 Miglia Rally, taking his 206 WRC of the Peugeot Total Silver Team SG from last place (after the super special on Thursday night) to the podium at Desenzano in his amazing conquest of the first maximum coefficient race in the European Rallys. The twice national champion fought tirelessly and gave the Italian public a display of great professionalism, winning numerous fans who were impressed by the intense pace that the driver of the Peugeot 206 WRC used to take his machine to win 13 of the 17 specials.

By ensuring victory in the rally organised by AC Brescia, Miguel Campos is the first foreign driver to have his name in the golden book of the popular Italian race, besides also being the first Portuguese driver to win a top coefficient European Rally Championship race abroad. This prize takes the driver of the Peugeot Total Silver Team SG to the top of the classification of the European Rally Championship 2003.

Miguel Campos had to use the Peugeot 206 WRC of the Grifone team which, while being identical to the one he has in Portugal, needed to be fine-tuned to the driver's tastes. This is because the car he used to win 7 of the 10 races in the 2003 National is already in Gran Canaria, where he will race in the second European race next weekend, which is also a maximum coefficient, the Canary Rally.

He is now determined to stay in the lead of the European Rallys: "In Italy I had the most difficult and most pleasing victory of my career. I gave my best and I won my first triumph in a top notch international race. I had a coherent team to back me up, giving me maximum support and resolving all the problems that came up. I couldn't be happier, because better than this is impossible. I had my foot down from start to finish of the rally".

The Portuguese driver will not even have time to celebrate this brilliant triumph, which makes Portuguese motor racing very proud of him, as he has already flown to Las Palmas where he will race in the Canary Rally: "I expect it to be a rally with less problems, although it will still be a tough race, with great pressure from the local drivers, especially Luis Monzon. The roads will not be so difficult, but I know that we have to do good reconnaissance work in order to push the car to the maximum" said the driver, who will be driving with the number 1 on the doors of his Peugeot Total Silver Team SG 206.