Toyota's "tuned by Future World" have won Belgian, Swiss and La Reunion rally championships,

One year. three titles !

Once again, this season has been successful for the Belgian rally team Future World. Thank to Theunissen-Genten (NL/B), Future World has won his home Division 1 rally championship for the third time in a row. Out of Belgium, the Future World tuned Toyota Corolla's of Jaquillard-Jaquillard (CH/CH) and Unia-Stasica (F/F) have clinched the Swiss and La Reunion rally championships. Classified 3rd of the FIA European Rally Championship, the pair Kuzaj-Mombaerts (PL/B) has won the Bulgaria Rally Albena (ERC Coef. 20) and the INA Croatia Rally (ERC Coef. 10).

-"First of all,  I  want  to  congratulate  all  our  drivers,  told  Gérard
Magniette, Future World team principal. This year was still a busy year  and
cars tuned by Future World have run more than thirty  rallies.  Our  Corolla
WRC have won. 13 competitions and secured a total  of  23  podiums.  We  are
proud to registered only three retirements for technical reasons  ! "

Season 2003 of the performing Belgian rally team remains still unclear.

-"As many other European rally teams, we still don't' understand what's happening by the FIA, followed Gérard Magniette. Killing the 4x4 Gr.A regulation for the FIA Regional Championships is completely stupid but it seems that we'll have to cope with it. The basic lines of the new regulations are known but the manufacturers disagreed about them. So, what will happen ?"

FIA European Rally Championship - 10 rounds (Coef. 20)
1. Travaglia (4 wins): 980 pts; 2. Kulig (2 wins): 920 pts; 3. Kuzaj (Toyota WRC): 420 pts (1 win); 4. Aghini (1 win): 300 pts; 5. Thiry (1 win) : 250 pts.

Belgian Division 1 Rally Championship - 7 rounds
1. Theunissen (Toyota WRC): 34 pts (2 wins); 2. Thiry (2 wins): 20 pts; 3. Cols (1 win): 15 pts; 4. Boxoen: 14 pts; 5 ex.: Van Woensel (1 win), Collard & Snijers : 12 pts.

Swiss Rally Championship - 8 rounds
1. Jaquillard (Toyota WRC): 149 pts (3 wins); 2. Blanchard: 101 pts; 3. Uzzeni (1 win): 100 pts; 4. Sulmoni: 92 pts. 6. Burri (2 wins): 70 pts.

La Reunion Island Championship - 6 rounds
1. Unia (Toyota WRC): 522 pts (4 wins); 2. Gany (1 win): 458 pts; 3. Ardouin: 401 pts; 4. Payet (1 win): 390 pts; 5. Law Hang: 370 pts.