On Sunday the 17th of December, 2000, the Garda Siochana Motor Club will hold its first Single Stage Rally, based at Courtown, Co. Wexford (in conjunction with Wexford Motor Club). The GSMC has been in existance for over ten years now, but to date has only organised smaller events, such as Sporting Trials. However, the members have assisted other clubs with their rallies, and will now put into practice what they have learned from such occasions.

As with the other new Single Stage rallies on the calendar this year, the event will be confined to cars of no more than 2-litre capacity, crewed by competitors who have not finished in the top ten of any multi-stage rally in the past two years. These extra events were permitted by Motorsport Ireland primarily to allow newcomers a chance to get started in the sport, as they often encounter difficulties in obtaining entries for multi-stage rallies.

Regulations for the GSMC Single Stage are now available. They may be obtained by contacting either Pat Lordan, Tel. 087 996 9988, or Ronan Dunne, Tel. 087 264 1509.

* The Launch of both the GSMC Single Stage Rally and the Wexford MC Forestry Rally (December 10th) will take place at the Courtown Hotel on Thursday next, 16th November, at 8.30p.m.. All are welcome to attend.