The C2-R2 MAX on all fronts

During the months of April, May and June, more than 20 events took place as part of the Citroen Racing Trophy on a variety of different European rallies. On these varied events, Citroen C2-R2 MAXs have regularly been at the forefront of Group R and have also punched well above their weight, beating some much more powerful cars.

From the gravel stages of Portugal and the Czech Republic to the asphalt speed tests of Poland and France, the Citroens have certainly not passed unnoticed. While some drivers such as Benjamin Perrin, Caren Burton and Frantz Comoli claimed their first victories, others such as Marty McCormack, Thierry Neuville and Paulo Antunes confirmed their talent with more wins.

The last few weeks have also seen the debut of the CZ Trophy in the Czech Republic and the Polska Trophy in Poland. Citroen has already been well-acquainted with success in these countries, which have nonetheless lacked this type of one-make competition up to now. These new horizons hold several attractions for drivers from all over Europe, and the Pole Lukasz Habaj was the first person to claim the honours, on an event held outside his native country.

The signs of success are clear and increasing numbers of competitors are expected to join the fray, making Citroen’s unique initiative in rallying bigger and better than ever.


:: How it has evolved: After its first six months, the Citroen Racing Trophy is now in place in a variety of different countries.

:: Poland: Dobrowolski and Chmielewski were the first two winners in the Poland Trophy.

:: Belgium: Thierry Neuville continued his dominance at the Sezoensrally. Caren Burton won the Group R category in Ypres.

:: UK: McCormack versus Pritchard: what a duel!

:: Ireland: McElhinney made it look easy.

:: Czech Republic: Lukaš Ponděliček got the Czech Trophy underway. Polish driver Lukasz Habaj won the second round.

:: France: In the French town of Die, the Citroen C2-R2 MAXs maintained their stranglehold on the Group R category. Benjamin Perrin claimed the Vins Macon Rally, while the Citroen Racing Trophy drivers gained experience on the stages of the Limousin region.

:: Portugal: Another win for Paolo Antunes.

-credit: citroen