Villagra bounced back to claim the victory over Pozzo

Round ten of the Argentine Rally Championship showed how tight are the things between the two crown contenders who claimed this weekend a leading role in the Rally de Entre Rios to come up with a spectacular showdown.

Federico Villagra (Mitsubishi) took an impressive victory over his main opponent in the fight for the title Gabriel Pozzo (Subaru) after recovering from a misfortune situation to clinch the triumph coming back from eighth place.

The race had five different leaders being Paraguayan Diego Dominguez (Mitsubishi) and Alejandro Levy (Mitsubishi) who set the pace during Saturday's leg. Pozzo found some difficulties in opening the road while Villagra dropped back to eighth after the bonnet of his Mitsubishi get loosed to break his screen viewer.

Already on Sunday the turbo pipe prevent Dominguez from holding the lead while Levy suffered and off-road which let Claudio Menzi (VW) to inherit the first place. However the Baratec's driver started feeling luck of power on his Gol Trend since the rear differential broke down.

For the final loop Pozzo was in the command trying for all means to neutralize the mad pace which enabled "Coyote" to shave most of the 47,4s. he lost during the first day. However his efforts were in vein since which two stages to go Villagra took the lead to claim his fourth victory in the season.

Beyond Villagra's victory Pozzo was able to hold the gap of three points since he picked up a bunch of points during the firs leg. However, at the end of the season the drivers must dismissed a round and up to now "Coyote" would be the Champion by just one unit.