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Jason von Kluge Rich Golinello
Steve Ott Mike Skeen
Patrick Seguin and Robb Holland Chris DeSalvo
Alec Udell crashes Alec Udell crashes
Alec Udell Chris DeSalvo
Ben Crosland Charlie Solomon
Nick Esayian Johnny O'Connell
Start: Nick Esayian Start: James Sofronas and Mike Skeen
Randy Pobst Randy Pobst
Patrick Long Rob Morgan
Jason Daskalos and Rob Morgan Tomy Drissi
Randy Pobst Aaron Povoledo
Andy Pilgrim Ernie Jakubowski
Brad Adams Robb Holland
Aaron Povoledo Brad Adams
Jason Daskalos Paul Brown
Jason Carter Aaron Povoledo
Patrick Lindsey Andy Pilgrim
Ray Mason Jason Daskalos
Ernie Jakubowski Colin Cohen
James Sofronas Randy Pobst and Patrick Long
Randy Pobst Tony Gaples
Jason Daskalos and Tony Rivera James Sofronas
Randy Pobst Start: Randy Pobst leads the field