>From Hector Sanchez Rosaldo, Interticket, Monterrey, Mexico


Veracruz, Mexico, July 27th, 1997.- Costarrican Javier Collado got it all together for his Montana Racing Team when everything pointed to anotherone of Derek Higgins' triumphs in the Mexican International F-3 of the Montana Grand Prix Series. Javier reacted like a drag racer when the green flag appeared after the last yellow flag laps, overtaking Derek on the inside of the last turn entering the main straight at the 'Superjarocho' Racetrack, located in the outskirts of this Gulfcoast vacationing port.

The impeccably performed move not only allowed Javier to take the lead in the next to last lap, but also left the gate open for his teammate Gilberto Jimenez who didn't hessitate a 100th of a second and also passed Derek, both drivers taking a 1-2 win for the team one lap afterwards. This left Derek in third spot and brought out a spontaneous cheering of the crowd and the expected flying hat of Filiberto Jimenez, the proud and happy team owner.

Derek had taken the pole Saturday evening breaking the track record with a flying lap of 1' 07.009" which everybody tried to beat until the last minute, Derek being the only one bettering his own previous time thus showing the rest of the field that their efforts were in vain.=20 Argentinian Waldemar Coronas was second and Gilberto JImenez third. Derek was the fastest in the Sunday morning warm-up laps and led the race from the start until the unexpected moment (for him) when Javier flashed by. No wonder Javier did the fastest race lap in lap 12 with 1'7.917".

The race took place under a clear sky, an unmerciful sun , 100+ degrees F. and 99% humidity. (Been in the Everglades in mid-summer?). But in a race whatever conditions you may encounter, they are the same for everybody, so under the described tormentous conditions, only the fittest drivers and the most reliable engines would finish the race.