FATALITY AT JENNERSTOWN ISMA SUPERMODIFIED EVENT JENNERSTOWN, PA, August 14, 1999 - Randy Witkum, 25, was killed Saturday night at Jennerstown Speedway when his open wheeled supermodified was involved in a multi-car on the front straightway. The car accelerated along the front stretch and shot head on into the gate opening at the head of the straight, disintegrated, and flew over the outside wall. Witkum was air evacuated to Conemaugh Trauma Center in Johnstown, PA where he was pronounced dead. "It was a horrible crash. Randy made contact with the wall at the opening at the end of the front straight, very much a head on impact. He was at full speed and lost almost no momentum. The car broke the wall and ended up outside the track." I must commend the Jennerstown rescue crew as they work very hard to do what they could to help," said eyewitness David McCardell of Columbia, Maryland. Len in Indy