Formula Dodge standout Bryan Sellers tested a Champion Audi recently at Moroso Motorsports Park, part of a driver winter test program created by Champion Racing in its Audi S4 Competition cars. The cars contest the SCCA SPEED World Challenge GT Championship.

Sellers, the newly crowned Zetec FF2000 series champion, put in 10 laps around Moroso, one of 20 tracks nationwide used by the Skip Barber Racing School. The 2.25 mile, 10-turn course proved to be an apt venue for Sellers to adapt to the much heavier all-wheel drive Quattro sedan.

"It is definitely different from what I've been racing," admits Sellers, who won eight times in Zetec competition this year. "The test went pretty well, but we were limited by the number of laps that I turned in the car. I think that if I had put in about five more laps, I would have been a little closer in speed.

"The biggest differences are probably the braking and how the car corners. When you approach the corner, you don't feel like the brakes are slowing the car down at all, but they definitely are. When you enter the corner, you can't turn in late, like you can in the Zetec car. You have to be precise or you'll never make the corner."

"Champion Racing is a great bunch of guys to work with. This test was an excellent opportunity for me to drive the car and see what the team thinks."