Press Release

BUMPING AND REBOUNDING WITH BARBER Penske Racing Shocks’ New 8160-Series Damper To Be Showcased On Upcoming Reynard Dodge As Sponsorship Deal Announced

LAKEVILLE, Conn. (June 24) - The Barber Dodge Pro Series has announced that Penske Racing Shocks has joined the Pro Series as an associate sponsor. The deal is for the remainder of the 1997 championship and goes through 1998, with the introduction of the all-new Reynard Dodge. "This is a unique arrangement," said Jeff Ryan, Technical Director of Penske Racing Shocks. "Barber Dodge and PRS were already working very closely together since 1993, when they first switched to Penske. We’ve always had something beyond a regular vendor-purchaser relationship, so there’s been a constant flow of information between us and Barber Dodge that has helped us to develop improvements. This is a formal recognition of this existing synergy. "We are very excited about the introduction of the Reynard Dodge. It’s a groundbreaking design--Reynard’s first fully CAD-CAM race car of any kind, as I understand it--and will be the showcase car for our new 8160-series damper," Ryan continued. Rick Bishop, a Penske trackside technician assigned to Barber Dodge, said, "Barber Dodge is a very well respected, well-run organization. With 30 equal cars, all at the same track at the same time, it provides a wonderfully pure, concentrated environment for us. We’re also going to have access to feedback from many different kinds of drivers, so we can t help but to improve our shock systems." Penske Racing Shocks Development Engineer Jim Arentz said, "There are excellent marketing benefits, too. Working with young, hard-charging drivers early in their careers has its advantages, obviously. We like what we see here." "We’re very pleased to be associated with Penske Racing Shocks," said Steve Sewell, Pro Series manager. "Ever since we switched to their remote-reservoir, double-adjustable units, we’ve gotten nothing but praise from the test drivers and series competitors. From an operations viewpoint, I love the technical and engineering support we get from PRS." Penske Racing Shocks of Reading, Pa., was started in 1985. Last year, cars using Penske Racing Shocks won the Formula 1, CART Indy car, CART Indy Lights and NASCAR Winston Cup championships. Both of the world’s purest equal-car championships’ IROC and Barber Dodge employ Penske Racing Shocks. The prototype Reynard Dodge will be officially presented to the racing media at a press conference Saturday, August 9 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course during the Miller 200 CART Indy car race weekend. Rick Roso, +860-435-4646 /ex